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Eastern Europe: Setback for Gay Romania As Civil Unions Are Blocked

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If you saw the steamy calendar shots of the Romanian Orthodox Priests before Christmas last year, you may have thought that Romania was more liberal than other Eastern European countries.

However, the calendar caused controversy at home and abroad, in what remains a conservative country with over 80% of Romanians identifying as Orthodox Christian.

Although the country has an equal age of consent when it comes to sex for heterosexual and homosexual couples, and a wide-range of anti-discrimination laws, civil unions between gay (and straight) couples were unanimously blocked last week by the Juridicial Commission of the country’s Chamber of Deputies.

The bill had previously been blocked by the senate, with only 2 senators backing it, reports Stiri pentru viata.

The main reasons for the opposition was a fear of the “redefining of marriage” and an unwillingness to be forced to adopt “alien values.”

Yeah, we’ve all heard that one before.


The most passionate speech against the proposed bill came from  MP Diana Tusha (right), of the interestingly-named, Christian Democratic National Peasants’ Party:

“I think we had enough of the harmful 50-year experience of communism, when laws were forcefully imposed on us… There is no need to traumatize further generations in the name of some illusory progress made through alien recipes.

Such a recipe is cultural Marxism… It promotes the destruction of family, of myths and symbols and finally it deconstructs human conduct by completely removing the pillars which support it.”

Nobody’s forcing you to do anything Diana. But you’d think maybe that the ‘harmful 50-year experience of communism’ might make people more open to equality.

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