Eat Your Heart Out Mark Twain: San Francisco Is Set For Another Glorious Summer

Sorry, Mark Twain, you were wrong. The city is actually blessed with year-round moderate climate that’s perfect for strolling and taking in the rays. Even better: Summer in San Francisco means Pride, festivals, and thousands of eager fellow travelers overflowing our borders.

There is so much to explore in the city’s 7×7 miles, and we’ve got some fun and funky tours to take you through the City By The Bay as a visitor or as a local.


Uncover San Francisco’s gay, gay history

Learn about the history gay culture in San Francisco from the Gold Rush times to the present. One of the more popular tours, Cruisin’ The Castro, takes you through all the ins and outs of America’s gayborhood. Another option for the strong of heart is Foot Tours. This is a “two-hour romp that winds its way through the city’s most famous district—mostly because it can’t go straight.” Wild SF Walking Tours takes you off the beat track for surprising and amazing discoveries.


Tourist your way through the city

See several of San Francisco’s iconic monuments and landmarks. From Wine Country to Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge, Extranomical Tours will take you on foot, bike, or bus to see anything “San Francisco” that your heart desires. It might be touristy, but all of these sites are popular for good reason.


See what’s behind the funky architecture with Rick Evans

Follow architectural historian Rick Evans into the secret gardens and hidden public spaces of the Financial District. You’ll learn about San Francisco’s most important architect, get a bird’s eye view of the city’s next great building boom, and discuss hidden treasures that most people miss. This designer’s dream tour can be found at Detour.


See Castro through the eyes of a Harvey Milk ally and Detour

Cleve Jones leads guests along the gorgeous side streets and up and down the Castro’s main drag, with its underwear shops and neighborhood bars. Along every twist and turn, Cleve will show how his own story as an activist is interwoven with a movement that changed the world. This unique historically Castro tour can be found at Detour.

Detour would like to offer Queerty and GayCities readers a chance to take the Cleve Jones tour for free.

1.) Download the app
2.) Once you create an account, get your Detour for free by using the promo code: SFPRIDE


Get a local take, or 50

Explore San Francisco offers over 50 personalized and unique tours, from culinary excursions to running tours to neighborhood walkabouts. These personalized expeditions are not just for visitors, but are also great for SF-dwellers who want to discover more about their own beloved place.


Blaze your own path

They’re always the old-fashioned methods of exploring, getting lost, or choosing what you want and just doing it. Use the GayCities San Francisco Guide to discover what users like you have to say about popular shops, restaurants, bars, public and notable places throughout the city.