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Ed O’Neill: Letting the Gays Kiss Would Turn Modern Family ‘Into a Sort of Porngraphy’

Oh, that’s so stupid. Who cares? When I hear that, it’s half amusing, half annoying. First of all, they’re the most conservative family of the three. Mitchell is a lawyer, and Cameron is a stay-at-home mom with a baby. It’s much, much better to allow people to use their imaginations when they want to, in that regard. Otherwise, it turns into a sort of pornography. If people want to be titillated or shocked or, “Oh, wow, they’re actually kissing,” I mean, who cares? The format is, they live together. We assume they have sex. I don’t think we need to see it beginning or ending. Who cares? To me, it’s boring. Gloria and I haven’t done any making out in the first 24 shows.

—Ed O’Neill, the actor who plays grandpa Jay on ABC’s Modern Family, on THE PDA SCANDAL OF THE CENTURY [via]