Ed O’Neill Wants To Take Jane Lynch’s Emmy Away From Her

I love Jane, honestly I do. I’m dying to star in one of Christopher Guest’s movies alongside her, but I don’t think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part. (Sue Sylvester) is just a one-note character.

Modern Family‘s Ed O’Neill, who would’ve preferred co-star Sofia Vergara (and not, apparently, Julie Bowen) win over that Glee lady [via]

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    Someone needs to tell Ed that he isn’t playing Al Bundy any more……….

  • Chad

    Oh Ed.

  • Bob

    Are Ed’s grapes a little sour? He is making himself look like the idiot he always plays!

  • Tessie Tura

    And Al Bundy was a four-part fugue????

  • Brandon H

    AAAL, Lets have sex!

    No peg, (insert stupid joke about fat women in the shoe store)

    There you have it, 9 season of Married with Children.

  • josep86av

    I completely agree with him, her character was funny for like 3 episodes, now she’s just a caricature, as is the whole show.. can’t wait for it to get canceled, which will happen sooner than later

  • Jackie

    I agree w/him. I love Sophia’s character on Modern Family.

  • WillBFair

    She’s done much better work in tv and film. So the gay mafia may have had something to do with her winning this. But who cares. Society is so totally unfair to us on so many levels, it’s about time one of us got something dropped in her lap.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    He’s really turning into a douchebag, isn’t he? Did he even see the episode about Sue’s relationship with her older sister, Jean?

    All Sofia Vergara does is scream at the top of her lungs YAY, WHAT ARE DOIN’?

    Yeah, comedic genius.


  • Sug Night

    Bitter, table for one.

  • Queer Supremacist

    He’s right, you know. Glee is awful, Sue Sylvester is a cunt, and the show is a train wreck that people will be embarrassed that they ever liked 20 years from now.

    Married With Children was the most accurate depiction of male heterosexuality I’ve ever seen.

  • Joe

    Some of you haters obviously don’t watch Glee. Sue is NOT a one-note character. The relationship she has with her mentally disabled sister, her mother, AND the episodes with her taking over temporarily as principal have shown her more than just the bully Chereo’s coach. Ed O’Neil is just bitter.

  • James Davis

    @Joe: Joe, you speak the truth.

  • Wes

    He’s right and he didn’t criticize Lynch, in fact he went out of his way to compliment her as an actress. He criticized the character and therefore the writers. He politely expressed his view and I honestly don’t think its off base. I don’t have a hatred for Glee, it has enjoyable aspects, but it is a very flawed show IMO and not Lynch’s best work. She has been amazing in so many things, I was happy to see her win the Emmy because she deserves it. But I do wish she had been recognized for a better part. The reason she left Party Down in the first season was for Glee, and its a far better show that may have lasted longer had she stayed.

  • merkin

    Whether he’s right or wrong isnt the point. Its completely tacky for a high-profile TV star to say the competition didn’t deserve an award. SOUR GRAPES

  • Bryan

    I love Sofia Vergara, but she’s even more dimensional than Jane Lynch, been that most of her characters parts always has to do with them milking her latin attitude.

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