March Of Pride

Edith Windsor, Harry Belafonte and Earl Fowlkes Named Grand Marshals Of NYC Pride Parade

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On Monday, NYC Pride announced that Edith Windsor, Harry Belafonte and Earl Fowlkes are the Grand Marshals of the 2013 pride parade. The news comes ahead of the oral arguments to be heard at the Supreme Court of the U.S. on Prop 8 and DOMA.

All three are being recognized for their tireless work for LGBT rights: Edith for her battle for marriage equality, Harry for his fight for human rights, and Earl for his leadership at the Center for Black Equity.

“This year’s Grand Marshals have enriched the LGBT community through their dedication, accomplishments and commitment to the LGBT civil rights movement. By recognizing Edith Windsor’s historic court case, Harry Belafonte’s trailblazing activism and Earl Fowlkes’ outstanding LGBT leadership, we hope to
inspire further action in attaining worldwide equality,” said Mike Dunlap, March Director for NYC Pride.

The Grand Marshals will lead the LGBT Pride March, which runs from Midtown along 5th Avenue to the West Village along Christopher Street on June 30th. (More information on the parade here.)

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