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Eek! The owner of Equinox fitness is hosting a Trump Fundraiser


The owner of the popular gym chain Equinox has announced he will host a fundraiser for Donald Trump’s reelection.

Stephen Ross, the real estate developer who holds the majority stake in Equinox Fitness Clubs, will host a fundraiser for Trump in Southhampton. Tickets to the event sell for $250,000 per person.

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Ross himself is no stranger to Trump, or to money. With an estimated net worth of more than $7 billion, Ross also owns or has previously owned stakes in Hudson Yards, the Maimi Dolphins, PURE Yoga, Blink Fitness, SoulCycle and the Time Warner Center. He’s also enjoyed a long friendship with Trump for decades.

In response to the announcement, a viral campaign started on Instagram encouraging Equinox members, and those of its subsidiaries like PURE Yoga, Blink Fitness and SoulCylce to boycott the fitness chain.

We suspect the response for Equinox’s substantial gay clientele will look something like this:

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