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Effeminate ‘Moffie’ Student Not Allowed On School Grounds

The school, in a Cape Town, South Africa suburb, insists it’s not letting him back on school grounds because his mother said she’d enroll him at another school. Hmmm. “Lascar Petersen, 19, of Clarke Estate in Elsies River says he hasn’t attended one day of school this term because the principal of Lentegeur Secondary School in Mitchell’s Plain refuses to allow him on the school grounds. ‘I go to school every morning dressed in my uniform but they won’t allow me in,’ says the teen. […] The effeminate Lascar says his problems started early this year when his history teacher humiliated him in front of his Grade 11 class. ‘She told me that I am a moffie because my parents didn’t raise me right,’ recalls Lascar. When the Daily Voice contacted Frieslaar for comment the abrupt principal claimed the matter between Lascar and the history teacher had been dealt with. Lascar says his problems only got worse after he demanded his report at the end of the March holidays. ‘The teacher told me that she hadn’t signed it yet, so later that day I approached her again for my report and that is when she went to the office to say I had been badgering her,’ says an agitated Lascar. ‘They wouldn’t allow me back for a few weeks, saying my mother must come to the school to discuss the matter but it is difficult for her because we live in Clarke Estate.'” [IOL]