Lesbian Launches Lawsuit

eHarmony Going Down?

Online dating site eHarmony has finally landed a date with a jury. Lesbian Linda Carlson‘s lawyer filed the suit yesterday with the Los Angeles Superior Court and alleges the virtual breeding pool denied her because she’s gay. Though this may be the first lawsuit of it’s kind launched against the company, it’s hardly the first time they’ve come under fire for their anti-gay ways.

Rival dating company, Chemistry.com, recently launched an ad campaign deriding eHarmony’s discriminatory policies. Among the mud slinging clips, one will find one of a gay man wondering if his dick digging disqualified him from the site. eHarmony has since filed a lawsuit against Chemistry.com’s parent company, Match.com.

eHarmony’s homophobic stance shouldn’t be surprising. Founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren once peddled his relationship building “skills” on Focus on the Family’s James Dobson’s radio program. The organizations dissolved their official relationship when eHarmony went public, but many claim Warren kept the Christian inclinations. eHarmony’s defended its actions in the past, claiming that they’re marriage oriented site and since gays can’t marry, they can’t cater to the queens. They’ve also asserted that their extensive compatibility questionnaire – the one that helps them set up “soul mates” – has been designed for heterosexual couples and thus they can’t guarantee its gay effectiveness. We can (almost) guarantee that’s bullshit.