Ten Injured At Bosnia Gay Fest

Making good on their word, dozens of homophobic Bosnians attacked the nation’s first gay festival in Sarajevo yesterday.

Chanting “Kill the Gays” and “”Allahu Akbar (God is Great),” the mob struck outside the city’s Academy of Fine Arts, punching, kicking and generally beating the men and women who gathered for the festival’s opening night.

Local journalist Pedja Kojovic recalls, “When I was getting out of the academy, I was suddenly struck in the back. Three other people then came running and beat me up.” Another journalist attempted to help Kojovic, but ended up getting beat down, as well.

Police, who tried to keep control over the situation, say about 50 people showed up for the festival. Nine of them are currently being treated for injuries. A cop was also hurt in the scuffle.

Update: We’ve added one more injury, as the tally has gone up.