Eight men arrested for hosting drug-fuelled sex party during lockdown

Police in Spain arrested eight men hosting a sex party last Friday night in a privately-rented apartment in Barcelona. The men have all been arrested on drug-related charges.

After Italy, Spain is the worst affected country in Europe for the coronavirus. The country has been in lockdown since last week, with most residents only allowed to leave their homes when absolutely essential.

According to El Pais, someone who was invited to attend called an emergency hotline and tipped off the police. They told cops the time and location of the party.

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Plain-clothes cops showed up at the tourist apartment, which had been rented for just one week by one of the men, and were buzzed inside. The hosts had reportedly invited between 20-30 other guys to attend the gathering.

All eight men were arrested for possession of drugs, including cocaine, crystal meth and ‘liquid ecstasy’ (a slang term for GHB).

One of the men arrested was coughing and had to undergo a coronavirus test. He was found to be negative for the virus.

At the time of writing, Spain has had over 2,180 deaths due to COVID-19, with 424 alone in 24 hours yesterday.

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Experts are advising people to stay home, self-isolate, and quarantine themselves from others if they believe they may have the virus. If you must go out, practice social distancing, remaining two meters from others wherever possible.

Group sex orgies are not recommended at this time.

For the latest advice on COVID-19, check the CDC and WHO websites.