Girl, you ain’t right!

‘Eileen Dover’ Poised To Win Funniest Drag Queen Name Survey

Drag_Queen__8With only three voting days left, a national survey on Funniest Drag Queen Names shows Eileen Dover is leading the pack for crack-showing, candy-tucking chuckles. While Dover seems like she’s sprinting ahead in her pumps, the rest of the Top 10 seems up for grabs. The leading contenders:

• Helluva Bottom Carter
• Hedda Lettuce
• Iona Traylor
• Lois Common Denominator
• Ida Dunham
• Annie Depressant
• Lucy Furr
• Shelita Buffet
• Sarabelle Palsy

Voting closes this weekend, but the search for funny names shall never die. Let’s do our own Queerty survey–post your write-in vote for funniest drag queen name in the comment section!