EJ Johnson Debuts New Bod After Shedding 50 Pounds With Surgery

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.59.12 PMMagic Johnson’s fabulously flamboyant gay son EJ has lost 50 pounds after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery five weeks ago.

Johnson shared the news in an interview on Entertainment Tonight this week, revealing that he sought advice from Star Jones before going under the knife.

“She told me that it was definitely a tool for a whole new life,” he said. “It was not something that was the easy way out by any means. This is not something that you do and then all of a sudden everything is gone and you’re skinny and you’re a new person. It’s definitely a tool and something that you have to work at.”

In an interview with People, the 22-year-old up-and-coming fashion icon said “weight is something that I’ve been struggling with for pretty much all of my life,” and that shedding the pounds so quickly is “really exciting.”

Johnson says he first considered weight loss surgery two years ago after several popular diets failed to help him lose weight. “Nothing was working, and I wanted to make a more permanent decision to get back on track,” he said.

Johnson said he’ll discover his ideal weight on his weight loss journey, and hopes he’ll achieve his desired result within a year. He plans to adjust his lifestyle accordingly by eating a balanced diet daily, cutting out breads and alcohol, and because this man couldn’t possibly be any more fabulous, taking dance cardio classes five days a week.

“Being able to take control of my life again, take control of what I’m eating and my fitness is enlightening and empowering,” he said.

Check out EJ’s ET segment below: