El Paso Cops Arrest Second Suspect Connected To Straight “Gay Bashing”

This past weekend El Paso police arrested 19-year-old Roman Olvera on a suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the brutal gay-bashing of 22-year-old Lionel Martinez. Roman, the other 16-year-old who police recently arrested, and four of their fellow gang member pals allegedly ganged up on Mr. Martinez and beat him with a baseball bat just for waiting for his sister outside of the Old Plantation gay bar. The FBI have begun investigating this and other recent assaults against El Paso citizens in the gay district as hate crimes. Olvera remains with a $50,000 bond while his victim remains unconscious and in critical condition in the hospital. Is it wrong that we kind of wish they could switch places? And is it weird that we’re wondering if his sister had been patronizing the bar as a lesbian?

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  • paul f

    Yes I know there’s quite a few atheists who post here and I have no problem with them or their views. If you’ve ever read some of my posts you know I have a less than conventional view of what is call the christian religion (the practioners of which I do have a problem with). One of these is the subject of vengence, which is suposed to be left in God’s “hands”. My take on the subject is going to be a little long winded and circuitous but I promise to get to the point. All of time, from the begining to the end, is viewable to God as a whole. The past still exists and hasn’t vanished. The future exists as unchangable as the past. This was the basis for the idea of “predestination”. The opposing point of view was called “free will” where the future is in constant flux to be determined by our actions. There was(and is) a very heated conflict between these seemingly opposing points of view. The thing is, it’s not a choice of either/or but instead it’s BOTH. We make the future by our choices but because God is outside of the confines of the physical universe (having made it out of “nothing”) knows the choices that we have yet to make. Think of it like this: Say you rent a DVD to watch a movie. You can hold the entire film in your hands in the form of a disc. If nobody has told you about the movie and it’s well written, when you watch it, it SHOULD be a “surprise” as to how it will play out. Once you’ve watched it you know what will happen. You can skip around and play any part and you will kow what happens next. O.K. getting back to Bible stuff, when the religious people asked Jesus what gave him the right to say what he did, he answered, “I move”. Sounds like a pretty WTF answer unless you understand what God’s vengence is. We know that we are alive and kicking because we can move until we’re dead. Once we’re dead our spirits are placed back on the “DVD” of life,but with one BIG difference. This time around your spirit will be placed in the other person’s body. You will be looking back out at your original body, going through the motions that occured at that time. If you followed the “Golden Rule” in your life time (as instructed) this shouldn’t be a big deal. If, however, you were a sh*t when you were alive, you’re in for a bumpy ride. If you were wronged by someone and you took matters into your own hands to “pay them back”, not only were you screwed over the first time, but you’re going to be on the receiving end of what you did to pay them back. So my point is that no, it’s not wrong to wish the two men in the article would switch places, because they WILL! Just not while they are BOTH alive. There is one more caution the Bible makes in this matter of vengence. Those with positions of power will be held accountable for their use of it. If you use your power to bring misery apon the people, you will be going through this process with everyone who was effected by your abuse. ie: Hitler has 6 million Jews 3?million homosexuals and a sh*t load of others who he will be living inside of to receive his “just deserts” and THAT is just the judgement phase. After that his soul is chucked into the sun. So next time you hear the Pope or Maggie and Phelps spew their hate towards us, just shake your head and say to yourself, You’ll be sorry you ignorant fool.

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