El Paso Cops Arrest Second Suspect Connected To Straight “Gay Bashing”

This past weekend El Paso police arrested 19-year-old Roman Olvera on a suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the brutal gay-bashing of 22-year-old Lionel Martinez. Roman, the other 16-year-old who police recently arrested, and four of their fellow gang member pals allegedly ganged up on Mr. Martinez and beat him with a baseball bat just for waiting for his sister outside of the Old Plantation gay bar. The FBI have begun investigating this and other recent assaults against El Paso citizens in the gay district as hate crimes. Olvera remains with a $50,000 bond while his victim remains unconscious and in critical condition in the hospital. Is it wrong that we kind of wish they could switch places? And is it weird that we’re wondering if his sister had been patronizing the bar as a lesbian?