Americans Need Healthier Sex Lives

Elders Not Down With Holsinger

Dr. Jocelyn Elders “isn’t sure” Congress should approve homo-hating Dr. James Holsinger‘s nomination as top doc.

The Clinton-era Surgeon General recently sat down with Bible Belt Bloggers‘ Frank Lockwood to express her sexual insecurity:

Lockwood: Do you think you’d vote to confirm him?

Elders: I think there’s some things he’s said that are out there. It would be very difficult for me to feel that this is the person that we should be confirming in this day and time with all the problem we have, related to sexual heath and all the problems we’re getting into. I think as the nation’s chief health educator we need to know what he would do to help America evolve into a sexually healthy nation. We’re a sexually unhealthy nation.

She then went on to suggest a national circle jerk, claiming the massive amounts of semen would wash Washington clean.