Election Day Hero: Judge Tells Trump Lawyer To “Sit Down”


As the world waits with bated breath for the results of today’s election to start trickling in, an unlikely spokesperson for decency has risen to national attention.

In what should hardly come as shocking news, Donald Trump is pulling out every sleazy move in the playbook, including a long-time personal favorite — litigation.

His campaign has gone after the Registrar of Voters in Clark County, Nevada, after a polling place stayed open late Friday night to accommodate the long line of early voters. Every vote cast between 8 and 10 p.m. that night should be set aside and not counted, the complaint argues. Trump’s lawyers also want all the names of the poll workers to become public, opening them up to attack from Trump supporters.

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That didn’t bode well with Clark County judge Gloria Sturman, who had the opportunity to say to Trump’s lawyers what everyone else was just thinking about the transparent action. Nevada law allows polling places to stay open late to afford every citizen their right to vote, and these citizens just happen to be significantly Latino, a group that’s turned out in droves for Clinton in early voting.

“Are [the votes] not to be counted?” Sturman asked Trump’s lawyer during a hearing on Tuesday. “What are you saying? Why are we here? You want to preserve the poll data? That is offensive to me. Why don’t we wait to see if the secretary of state wants to do this?”

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“I am not going to expose people doing their civic duty helping their fellow citizens vote, that they are taking their personal time to preserve … to public attention, ridicule, and harassment,” Sturman continued, before commanding Trump’s lawyer: “Thank you, sit down.”

Watch some of the exchange below:

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