Election Results: Sainted Statistician Nate Silver Eats At Chick-Fil-A!

We were so swept up in the excitement of  the election results that we didn’t listen to carefully to the exchange between Daily Show host John Stewart and stats stud Nate Silver the next night.

But after Stewart dubs Silver “the Chick-fil-A sandwich for reality,” the gay statistician makes a shocking admission: He ate Chick-fil-A at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Now that convention was September 4th to 6th—Chick-fil-A management didn’t claim it had divested from the marriage-equality battle until the 18th or 19th.

So the international LGBT boycott was still on, and Silver, a former Out 100 honoree was a fast-food scab walking across the rainbow picket line. (Forgive the tortured metaphor.)

Now, since Nate was really doing God’s work by rationally analyzing poll data—rather than, say, holding his breath till he turned blue like right-wing pollsters did—we’ll let it slide. In face, Nate, if you really want some waffle fries, we’re willing to make that happen.

Just answer our text messages.