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Elena Kagan Volunteered Her Heterosexuality On Mother’s Day Or Something

The White House would like you to believe Elena Kagan, on one recent afternoon, walked into the Oval Office and was like, “B-T-Dubs, I like wang.”

Last week came the report that Kagan told the White House about her sexuality at the end of 2008, when she was being considered for the solicitor general job. But now the White House is, via an unnamed aide, spreading the word Kagan was the one who chose to tell Obama & Co. she’s a breeder — and only recently. Like, when she was being vetted for the Supreme Court gig.

That is: It wasn’t the White House who asked Kagan to fess up when all those rumors started. “Solicitor General Kagan volunteered the information to the White House when media reports surfaced in the pre-nomination process for the Supreme Court,” says the aide.

Fine. But was it Kagan or the White House who decided to call the claim that she was gay “false charges”? ‘Cause we really need to know who to aim the stink eye at.