Eleven Homophobic Holiday Horrors Reveal The Darker Side Of Winter Travel

For those of us who have moved far away from home in search of a more accepting community, the holidays can be a weird slingshot back into the lives we intentionally parted from.

Awkward family dynamics, small towns with no gay bars and that feeling you’re 17 again can all be uncomfortable reminders of why you moved away in the first place.

Still, you only get one family. We wanted to hear from those heading back homo for the holidays, so we asked Whisper to give us the rundown on what they’ve been seeing.

Anything sound familiar?

I'm out in college and I've never felt more free. Not looking forward to spending Christmas with my relatives who will ask if I have a girlfriend yet.

My bigoted, gay-bashing grandparents sent me money for Christmas, a charitable donation is being made in their name to GLAAD

The Christmas holidays are really just me trying to  stay away from my house so I don't  have to face my homophobic family
I'm coming out to my family by bringing my boyfriend home for Christmas.

I just came out to my family by saying

As a gay teen who isn't accepted by his parents, I'm not looking forward to Christmas

I joined the army to prove to my parents that I'm not reliant on them for everything. I love my job. I'm gay, my mom just told me I can't talk to my sister cause I'm a bad example. Never going home again. Xmas is gonna be lonely

Looking for someone to pretend to be my gf for Christmas so my parents won't suspect I'm gay

every holiday or family event I bring my best friend as my girl friend instead of my boyfriend because I don't want my family to know I'm gay and have a boyfriend he hates it

Going to ask my homophobic parents if they want to have Christmas at mine and my partners this year. Let's see how well this goes.

I won't be seeing my man for Christmas, not because he's in the military, but because we're gay and he's still in the closet...


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