Elisabeth Hasslebeck on Homo-Nups

Reality star turned homo-journo Will Wikle recently sat down with Elisabeth Hasslebeck, The View‘s token conservative. Ms. Hasslebeck makes no secret of her Republican love affair, so one would expect a torrent of anti-homo propaganda. The blond beauty surprises, however – not only does she think we need to rework marriage, she actually forms a coherent sentence! Shocker!

Hasslebeck also spends some time defending her beloved GOP, take on “radical judges” and urges her political allies to get on out their and befriend a gay. Quite the PSA…

Get some more over at Wikle’s homo-journo boyfriend, Jason Bellini‘s blog. You’ll be glad you did. Or, at least, moderately satisfied.

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  • robert

    wow, i almost don’t completely hate her now.

  • BeeDee

    OMG, she such a tool!! Wilke is a real lousy interview – – talk about front loaded questions…

  • Gregoire

    They’re both from reality shows where you dont really need any discernable talent to succeed on them. Despite that, they both have done better than most reality whores.

    I think Liz is espousing a growing conservative view, and among the younger set, the opposition to progressive social stances is beginning to soften.

  • dan

    oh come on haters…the interview was fine…other than that blonde one thought the civil rights movement took place in the 50’s, and blonde two actually said “i have friends who are gay,” for blondes they done good. no, seriously, there were some good questions asked and answered in a balanced and calm and respectful way, and thats a hell of a lot more than you see from either bill o’reilly or rosie o’donnell. way to go blondes.

  • WTF

    all of the pro marriage points she made were wiped out when she used the term ‘activist judges.’

  • bboy

    Sorry if this sounds prickish, but what is up with having Bellini bring on his boyfriend to his video blog?

    I remember reading back when JB left CBS to go on Logo and how he did not think it should be a professional set back to be so identified as a gay man. I applauded him at the time and respected his courage. However, bringing your boyfriend on your show to plug his show is beyond unprofessional.

    Is there something in the water in Chelsea that inhibits professional judgment? Do people really think that bringing their significant other into their professional life (other than at a X-mas party) is a good idea? How the hell are we supposed to be taken seriously when our journalists are going around acting like sixteen year olds?

  • Matt

    The Republicans and the Democrats are no different. They are all liars and out for their own good. They say whatever the person who pays them enough (lobbying) wants them too. It’s all about money. The person who will win the next presidential election will be the one who has the most money. MSNBC quoted the other day that the person who wins the presidency will have spent half a billion dollars to win.

    To be honest, Americans really don’t care about what’s going on in Iraq. It’s a third world country to them. They can’t relate. We are just told to go on about our lives and not pay attention. We aren’t asked to sacrifice anything like our fathers and mothers in WWII. We ignore the Geneva Conventions by calling them enemy combatants and not POW’s. We keep them in another country (cuba) so they are even farther out of the American mind.

    And to me why the debate on Gay marriage is so fierce in this country is to keep the eyes off the real problems in both parties.

    Sorry I just had to go on a little tirade about how I felt.

  • JH

    to correct you, the decision he referenced, brown v. board of ed was decided in 1955 … so not a total blonde moment …

    have to say that i’m really surprised by the content of the interview — elizabeth always comes across on the view as just repeating back verbatim the conservative agenda talking points — nice to see there is some depth to her opinions

    too bad she didn’t have time to bring all this up to bush at the dinner last week she went to for the queen…

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