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‘Elite’ star brings the heat to new Netflix drama ‘1899’ with hot and heavy gay scene

Image Credit: ‘1899,’ Netflix

Netflix just dropped the latest season of its steamy, Spanish-language prep school drama, Elite, this past Friday, so you’d be forgiven if you missed anything else the streamer happened to premiere over the last few days.

But if there’s one new Netflix series that deserves your attention, it’s got to be the epic mystery thriller 1899—not least of which because it features former Elite hunk Miguel Bernardeau!

The multilingual sci-fi epic comes from the creatives behind another mind-bending Netflix hit, Dark, which ran for three seasons from 2017 to 2020. With a similarly twisty premise and sprawling cast, 1899 takes the action back to the eponymous year, when a group of migrants board the steamship Kerberos that’s meant to take them across the Atlantic Ocean to start new lives in New York City.

However, the cruise enters into some *ahem* choppy waters when the ship’s captain receives a mysterious message from another boat—one that disappeared four months prior. Once they happen upon this previously lost ship, things start to get downright eerie, and—well, perhaps it’s better to just let you watch the trailer for yourself:

An excellent ensemble of international actors star as the ship’s crew and passengers, including the aforementioned Bernardeau, who plays Ángel, a wealthy Spaniard traveling with his brother, Ramiro (José Pimentão), a priest. But Ramiro is neither a priest nor his brother—and those aren’t the only secrets these two have been harboring…

Admittedly, the series wasn’t necessarily on our radar, either—there’s a lot of TV to watch these days—but, earlier today, Netflix tweeted out a clip from 1899 that immediately got our attention.

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In it, Ángel walks into Ramiro’s room, and it’s pretty clear there’s some simmering tension between them. Ramiro’s afraid of being “found out” for a whole bevy of reasons, including the fact that *gasp* he and Ángel are an item! Clearly they’ve been holding themselves back, and it all bubbles over in this very short and sexy scene, which you can watch below:

The role looks to be a welcome change of pace for Bernardeau. Best known as alpha male Guzmán from the first four seasons of Elite1899 sees him all grown up and getting to partake in a gay love scene of his own (Elite has featured plenty of them over the years—but none for Guzmán). We just hope Ángel and Ramiro can make it off the boat alive, because the Kerberos feels doomed for the ocean floor.

Beyond 1899, Bernardeau’s been keeping busy since leaving Elite. In addition to a handful of Spanish language films, he’s also recurred on the HBO Max series Todo lo otro and is set to appear Disney+’s The Last One, plus Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming Zorro reboot as the masked vigilante himself.

The full season of 1899 is streaming now on Netflix. But if you can’t watch right now, tide yourself over with some of our favorite shots from Bernardeau’s Instagram:

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