Apologizes For Less Evolved Husband

Elizabeth Edwards Loves Gay Nups.

Elizabeth Edwards made a much-publicized appearance at San Francisco’s gay pride this weekend. Elizabeth got all political and shit when she lent her support to gay marriage:

I don’t know why somebody else’s marriage has anything to do with me. I’m completely comfortable with gay marriage… It seems to me we’re making issues of things that honestly… don’t matter.

Edwards made sure to distance herself from her husband, presidential candidate John Edwards, who supports civil unions, not marriage.

Speaking at the Alice B. Toklas Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Democratic Club’s pride breakfast, Edwards told the 300-strong crowd:

John believes that couples in committed long-term relationships should enjoy the same rights, benefits and responsibilities regardless of whether they are straight couples or same-sex couples. He supports civil unions.

John has been pretty clear about it, that he is very conflicted. He has a deeply held belief against any form of discrimination, but that’s up against his being raised in the 1950s in a rural southern town. I think honestly he’s on a road with a lot of people in this country are on….They’re struggling with this. Most of the gay and lesbian people I know… have seen their friends and family walking down that same road. “It’s frustrating, I know, but it’s a long distance from where we are now to the pews of a Southern Baptist church. So, John’s been as honest as he can about that.

While it’s certainly nice Elizabeth took some time out to show her gay-friendly pride – the first time a candidate’s wife’s made such an appearance – it’s too bad she had to spend so much time apologizing for her husband’s stance. She did, however, reiterate that Johnny Boy’s all about dismantling Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. That’s something, right??

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  • dizzyspins

    At this stage in the fight for our rights, I cant say Im really impressed that the wife of a third-place candidate made an appearance at a Pride event. What do the Edwards want, a cookie?

  • Alexa

    And if people keep complaining about it maybe nobody else will bother in the future. No, they don’t deserve a cookie, but she didn’t have to go and she didn’t have to speak and she doesn’t deserve to be shit on by the very people she is trying to support.

  • Will

    I’m glad she spoke, good for her. However, it is unfortunate that her husband is lukewarm (at best) on gay rights. He has always been against marriage and thought the issue of civil unions should be determined on a state by state basis until a few months before entering the primary.

    So, until Mrs. Edwards can talk some sense into her husband, what real significance is it that she spoke at a pride event?

  • Gregoire

    This is a very calculated appearance. John Edwards can support one thing that the mainstream accepts, while his wife can be more ‘outrageous’ as a way to reach out to the gay vote. Presidential spouses have been used in this manner for decades. This way, Edwards doesnt have to support gay marraige while still pandering to the gay vote.

  • BillieXX

    Shocking, simply shocking, that a politician would be calculating! What’s next? Lying? I’m writing a letter to the newspaper.

  • Ryan

    Well, John Edwards is far from good on gay rights, but he’s the best out of the top 3… and the people who are better than him on GLBT equality are so crazy on other issues that we, as decent human beings (hopefully), can’t consider them (Gravel and Kucinich).

    Edwards is the only one of the top 3 who would repeal DOMA. Hillary has said she’d repeal parts of it, but I have my doubts.

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