Elizabeth Taylor Worse Off Than You Ever Imagined


Just so you know, Elizabeth Taylor is not getting married to boyfriend Jason Winters. And, yes, she’s part werewolf.

We really wish we didn’t find the legendary entertainer’s dementia so hilarious, but we do. God, we’re terrible.

Bonus footage: a scene from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


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  • jbran

    Yeah, let’s make fun of the infirm. It really is hysterical. Nice work.

  • Mr. B

    She doesn’t have any documented dementia–she was hamming it up for the camera. There’s a difference between eccentric and infirm.

  • ProfessorVP

    I think it’s called being drunk and silly. But she’s a mess. Better to be Debbie Reynolds, who is the same age, no?

  • Pumpkin Man

    It took me a second after watching the video to start laughing like a hyena! Not sure what to make of it… It’s funny, it’s sad…

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Many have suffered and died due to the “HIV/AID$” propoganda lies that were helped to be spread by the efforts of creeps like Elizabeth “AID$” Taylor. Our two best friends were killed by AZT & other “AID$” drugs.
    May the sow burn in hell.

  • Lore

    Hello Mrs. P. Campbell…
    sorry to hear about your friends…
    make yourself smart on COLLOIDAL SILVER…it’s not a drug…
    and check the health books by Prof. Dr. Hulda Clark…they’ll give you a whole new direction at curing diseases incl. cancer…
    happy days

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Thanks, Miss Lore, but we try to follow the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and that means no drugs or doctors ever.

    Except for plastic surgeons, of course, since ‘touch-ups’ are a vital necessity when one is traveling the ‘Hershey Highway’!

  • Aaron

    Kudos for the Who’s Afraid clip… God, she was marvelous. And can someone boot off that AIDS revisionist! You’re pulling the wool over your eyes.

  • whywhyzed

    My GOD…. Now we have the PWA’s were killed by AZT drugs people on here? What’s next? 9/11 was an inside job people?

    Elizabeth Taylor has been supporting the Gay community for decades, and helped fight the stigma associated with AIDS… Nice that people think they can make fun of her – drunk or infirm… I guess anyone is fair game nowadays…


  • Mr. B

    Mrs. Patrick Campbell is perhaps one of the most obnoxious trolls in Queerty history. (Congratulations, Mrs. C!) The AIDS denial is just one example of his spammy shtick.

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