Elizabeth To Ann: “Keep Your Thorny Tongue Off My Man, Bitch!”

Elizabeth Edwards just became our favorite person.

The gay-marriage loving mama called Hardball with Chris Matthews to dig into conservacunt Ann Coulter for her less-than-politically correct attacks on John Edwards, as well as Coulter’s loathsome wish that Edwards would die in a terrorist plot.

Mrs. Edwards quite rightly accuses Coulter of “debasing political dialogue”. Coulter, of course, didn’t stop talking long enough to listen. She did, however, ask why John didn’t make the call, to which Edwards replied:

I haven’t talked to John about this call… I’m making this call as a mother. I’m the mother of that boy who died. My children participate — these young people behind you are the age of my children. You’re asking them to participate in a dialogue that’s based on hatefulness and ugliness instead of on the issues and I don’t think that’s serving them or this country very well.

The crowd went wild. Coulter shrank under the pressure, but swore to keep on keeping on being a nasty twat.