Ellen Awards Cutest Lesbian Military Couple Ever With $38,000 Dream Wedding

Ellen Degeneres may have more money and homes than she’ll ever know what to do with, but at least she’s using her excess in a positive way and giving back to people that deserve it!

This week, the cutest lesbian couple on Earth was invited to The Ellen Show after writing an impassioned letter about the lack of funds for their upcoming nuptials. Both members of the American military (Stephanie is currently serving in the Air Force, and Tracy is a former Marine), the couple says they’ve even picked up side jobs to pay for their dream wedding.

Stephanie and Tracy won $1,000 on the show for “checking in” to the app Viggle, but Ellen sweetened their winnings with an extra $20,000 for the wedding as well as a $17,000 honeymoon at Turtle Island in Fiji. They say money can’t buy happiness, but just look at these two beam once they get their hands on a $38,000 dream wedding!

The couple plans to marry in Spring 2014, and are hoping they can do so in their home state of California.