Ellen D. Hits The Mark

We never doubted for a second that Ellen Degeneres would do a bang-up job hosting the Oscars. She does, after all, have a bit of hosting experience.

Ms. D made history as the first lesbian to host the Oscars, an especially magnificent milestone considering all the homophobic dialogue as of late. With regard to those scandals and other discriminatory diatribes, Ellen had this to say:

If there were no blacks, Jews and gays, there’d be no Oscars.

It’s funny ’cause it’s true. Unforunately, Degeneres inadvertently aligned Michael Richards, Mel Gibson and Isaiah Washington against the Academy. Let the Hollywars begin!

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  • Ian Rahn

    Are you counting Whoopi Goldberg as bisexual?

  • Chris

    What are you talking about, this year was one of the most boring shows in years. Ellen was not good at all, she wasn’t as bad as Letterman, but she was pretty bad. Why didn’t they bring back John Stewart. He was good and funny.

  • j. brotherlove

    I agree. Ellen hit a home run. She was typically funny and irreverent without being offensive or overtly political. It was also a treat to see a host of lesbians (both out and closeted) gracing the stage. Ellen’s after party had to be hot!

    The ceremony, on the other hand, were very drawn out and badly paced. No fault of Ellen’s.

  • Cup of Joe

    The “Judi Dench getting a boob job” joke was pretty funny. I heart Ellen.

    But I did not heart this overly long program.

    I was one montage away from apoplexy.

  • petulant

    I thought Ellen did ok, but those suits were hideous! When she finally changed from the ill-fitting,off color red velvet suit, I thought there was hope. NOOOO! I was almost blinded from the white blur bouncing around my TV.

  • ggreen

    I love Ellen as a talk show host she has no equal. On her show she usually only asks guest approved softball questions and she has very strict rules about anyone in the audience touching her or talking to her. It is all stage crafted very carefully. She even has a crew that maintains the studio audience gay/straight ratio (no obvious fairies or bulls please). Ellen is safe, safe for heterosexuals, safe for advertisers and safe for TV.

    That is why she was chosen to host the Oscars this year, safety. Most of the winners were safe nothing too edgy or too gay. (“This Film Is Not Yet Rated” didn’t get a single nomination.) On another note Ellen needs to fire who ever chose her wardrobe. Some of the suits weren’t too awful but they all looked like she had them tailored by 70’s pimp Huggy Bear.

  • joey

    if you think ellen was a “safe” choice then you clearly don’t know any conservative christians.

  • poodle

    if you actually watched the whole show you would have lol throughout it, i did.

    chris did you watch the whole show? and you point to john stewart….he turned crowds away.

    take a look at an article in this week’s issue of time. it addresses the lure of ellen to women and gays–who you might imagine are the ones that watch the oscars by and far.

  • spiffy

    Ellen is so non-threatening to the point that she might as well be asexual. I haven’t read that Time article yet; but I guess that’s why so many women and gay men like her… As opposed to someone like, say, Rosie.

    I suppose in show biz it’s important to be liked; but is that who she really is, or just a facade?

  • Abel

    a bad job

  • Abraham

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

  • Ada

    A bird may be known by its flight

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