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Ellen DeGeneres Asks America to Judge Children In Web Popularity Contest

Maybe you’ve heard about eleveneleven, the lower-cased named record label Ellen DeGeneres started after “discovering” Greyson Chance? Well just like Oprah searching for the next great talk show host, Ellen wants to find the next great music star. And she’s enlisting your help! In doing so, you’re also going to make someone cry.

Random hopefuls are prompted to “submit a demo” on Ellen’s website. Voters then see two performances side by side, and vote on which one they think is best. Which, of course, is really a vote on which one you think is the worst.

Of course Ellen isn’t new to judging children: She gets paid mega bucks to do that on American Idol, and sometimes she doesn’t always have the nicest things to say. Which means she’s given you the OK to crap on one kid’s dreams while sending another to insta-fame-land!

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    Ellen pulls off the kinda naive aww shucks I can’t believe I am actually a celebrity………Yet she is actually an incredibly smart, schrewd businessperson. And she has managed to be accepted the red state housewives and show that a Gay can be funny and entertaining, and not only interested in recruiting your kids for the Gay Ice Capades……. She saw that Simon Jowells and company made gazillions off American Idol. And how there was a bidding war between Justin Timberlake and Usher for Justin Beiber. Usher won out and now he and Beiber Boy are makin millions. These kids come prepackaged with an expiration date stamped on their smooth little butts. If Ellen can get something going where she can churn out a tween star every cycle as soon as one begins to fade by basically sitting back and watching videos submitted on line. No costs of renting arenas and all the other costs associated with it, she is a genius and a huge plus for the Gays………….

  • lamismaluna

    Maybe this will help solve the “everyone wins a trophy” nonsense our society is falling in to.

    Those are teenagers, even, they should know that if they’re just not good at something, maybe it’s time to move on to something else. If not, they’ll end up being told they’re great and end up being judged again – by Ellen – on American Idol while we all laugh because they’ve been deluded into thinking they’re good.

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