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Ellen DeGeneres Asks America to Judge Children In Web Popularity Contest

Maybe you’ve heard about eleveneleven, the lower-cased named record label Ellen DeGeneres started after “discovering” Greyson Chance? Well just like Oprah searching for the next great talk show host, Ellen wants to find the next great music star. And she’s enlisting your help! In doing so, you’re also going to make someone cry.

Random hopefuls are prompted to “submit a demo” on Ellen’s website. Voters then see two performances side by side, and vote on which one they think is best. Which, of course, is really a vote on which one you think is the worst.

Of course Ellen isn’t new to judging children: She gets paid mega bucks to do that on American Idol, and sometimes she doesn’t always have the nicest things to say. Which means she’s given you the OK to crap on one kid’s dreams while sending another to insta-fame-land!