Ellen DeGeneres Doesn’t Hate Anti-Gay People, Because That Would Make Ellen DeGeneres a Terrible Person

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Katie Couric’s evening newscast is barely watchable, not because Katie is bad at her job, but because evening newscasts are irrelevant. But her @KatieCouric segments — lengthy web video interviews — are excellent. Including this wide-ranging one with Ellen DeGeneres, the newest person to get pissed off at Simon Cowell.

(First: We have to LOL at the 2:10 mark, when Katie says Ellen’s staff are happy people at work, and Ellen says she works in a “happy atmosphere,” which must have had producers rolling their eyes.)

But anyhow, there are some great bits in here. Like how Ellen says she can’t hate people who are anti-gay, because “that’s just their journey,” and that would make her a hater; how, now 12 years since coming out publicly, we’re on the way to looking back on the fight over gay marriage as “ridiculous”; how she almost decided to have children with wife Portia de Rossi; and how she’s perfectly suited to join the American Idol cast.

It’s a half hour interview, but if you’ve got the time, watch it — because this is a gem amidst the 24-hour soundbite news cycle.