Ellen DeGeneres Is Creating a Record Label, and That Lady Gaga Kid Is Her First Artist

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Does everyone have a record label now? That Justin Bieber kid is going to have his own imprint by this time next year, trust. But for now the new mogul at bat is Ellen DeGeneres, already America’s biggest brand whore (that’s not a pejorative, necessarily), who today announced she’s created something called ElevenEleven, and “Paparazzi” boy wonder Greyson Chance is her first act.

Ever since Chance went from YouTube hit to Ellen guest, rumors swirled that he signed a deal with Interscope — Lady Gaga‘s label, which is owned by Universal Music. Except Ellen says he’s signed with her label, and we can only assume hers is an imprint of Warner Music, given she is so closely aligned with Time Warner; Warner Bros. producers her daytime show.

Meanwhile, from what Ellen says, Greyson “inspired” her to create a label, and just like that, she’s got one. This is what happens when you’re a mega-brand that, ten years ago, Hollywood wanted to get rid of. Extra Bonus: Now she can sue other people!