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Ellen DeGeneres Is Using Rosie’s Old ‘Ogle The Straight Guy’ Gimmicks

Rosie O’Donnell owed a decent portion of her six-year television talk show career to ogling over straight guys in her pre-openly gay days. Hello, Tom Cruise? If Cruise wasn’t in her set’s chair, then she was talking to other guests about how much she loved him. It’s no coincidence that Ellen DeGeneres is employing the same tricks. But she, of course, is a big lez and everyone knows it! And while Rosie’s man crushes (which included JFK Jr.) only seemed more school girl than adult lust, Ellen’s are, obviously, exactly that.

In the above clip with James Marsden and his shirtless modeling photos, we get a chance to see this relationship play out expertly. Except whereas watching Rosie stare into the eyes of her handsome guests we see genuine adoration. But you’re never going to see Ellen smack lips with Tom Cruise. Or Bon Jovi. Or Taylor Lautner. Seeing Ellen grinning at James’ chiseled torso is a carefully choreographed stunt, and she performs it, expertly, not for her benefit. But for that of her audience.

Which, of course, is fine by me.