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Ellen DeGeneres Is Using Rosie’s Old ‘Ogle The Straight Guy’ Gimmicks

Rosie O’Donnell owed a decent portion of her six-year television talk show career to ogling over straight guys in her pre-openly gay days. Hello, Tom Cruise? If Cruise wasn’t in her set’s chair, then she was talking to other guests about how much she loved him. It’s no coincidence that Ellen DeGeneres is employing the same tricks. But she, of course, is a big lez and everyone knows it! And while Rosie’s man crushes (which included JFK Jr.) only seemed more school girl than adult lust, Ellen’s are, obviously, exactly that.

In the above clip with James Marsden and his shirtless modeling photos, we get a chance to see this relationship play out expertly. Except whereas watching Rosie stare into the eyes of her handsome guests we see genuine adoration. But you’re never going to see Ellen smack lips with Tom Cruise. Or Bon Jovi. Or Taylor Lautner. Seeing Ellen grinning at James’ chiseled torso is a carefully choreographed stunt, and she performs it, expertly, not for her benefit. But for that of her audience.

Which, of course, is fine by me.

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  • Jeremy

    I think its because she wishes she looked like that…..

  • TheRealAdam

    She’s doing it because she’s paid to entertain hets, so it’s fun for her and her audience to pretend she’s attracted to men. Makes all the hets comfortable and secure with the idea that deep down, she may just like boys and be one of them after all.

  • tony x

    I did not see her oggle him or the pictures – it was cute and funny — and brought back memories of when I first spotted him!

  • kevininbuffalo

    Maybe she appreciates a good looking guy but prefers women.

  • redmont

    Jeremy and TheRealAdam, I don’t think I’ve heard two more ignorant people outside of FOX News. Is there something wrong with a woman finding a guy sexy even though she isn’t attracted to him?

    I find PLENTY of women sexy as fuck but I would NEVER have sex with them. I’m simply not sexually attracted to them. It’s not that I’m a closet breeder or anything, it’s that they’re undeniably sexy.

    I’m sure she feels the same way. She can recognize someone else being attractive, but that in no way means she’s secretly hetero or that she’s doing it to pander to her audience.

    Please, stop assuming that if a lesbian likes the way a man looks, it means she wants to look like that or is playing the straight game. It’s demeaning to the rest of us, and it’s the EXACT same thing as someone telling you that you want to be a woman because you think one is beautiful.

  • silverlakeguy

    Well gay me oggle over straight women all the time! Cher, Angelina, Madonna, Kylie, on and on and on. Who says being gay excludes us from finding other people attractive in other ways?

  • silverlakeguy

    Well gay men oggle over straight women all the time! Cher, Angelina, Madonna, Kylie, on and on and on. Who says being gay excludes us from finding other people attractive in other ways?

  • Tony

    Just because Ellen is a lesbian doesnt’ mean she can’t find a man attractive or appreciate his body…she just doesn’t want to do him. I’m gay and notice hot women all the time…I just don’t want to do them.

  • SKOC211

    Women I find sexy: Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Katy Perry, Kate Winslet….

    Women I would have sex with: None.

    I have no problem with what Ellen is doing.

  • TheRealAdam

    @redmont: Sorry, but I stand by my comment.

  • just sayin

    One time a got a boner look’n at Tina Fey. Scared the be-jezus out of me. Thankfully it only happened once.

  • hephaestion

    Another Queert bait & switch.

    BTW, James Marsden is amazing. Gorgeous, kind & brilliantly talented.

  • Brian Moylan

    I’m so sick of Ellen DeGeneres’ objectification. I suppose I need to trade my gay card in for the asexual club membership.

  • skzip888

    Straight comedians on late night TV make faux-homoerotic overtures to male guest all the time, and everyone gets it’s a joke.

  • Mastik8

    James Marsden is straight?

  • Spike

    Ellen uses this tactic because basically she is a lousy interviewer. And besides, most of these himbos have nothing to say anyway, kinda like Davey Wavey, so why not fill airtime with man nipples?

  • Alex

    Maybe Ellen would rather rhapsodize about the tightness of Colbie Caillat’s tushy than the firmness of Kellan Lutz’s torso, but Portia’s keeping her in check.

  • Joetx

    The headline on this article is misleading. The majority of Ellen’s fans are straight women. They all know she is a lesbian. Ellen wasn’t “ogling” James Marsden the least bit. She put up his photos for the benefit of her female (& I suspect gay male) audience.

    Rosie, OTOH, tried to project an idea that she was a bona fide straight woman. She lied. It’s one thing to “not talk about your private life.” It’s totally something else to lie.

  • jacknasty

    ellen pretty regularly talks about Portia or “my wife” on her show, I don’t think she is pretending to be straight. I can think Rose McGowan looks hot in Planet Terror and still be totally gay

  • Alex

    @GeriHew: Thanks for the link. I got sucked into the article, and spent about 20 minutes reading the comments. That’s mind-boggling to me: I doubt there are as many gay men who are into lesbian porn.

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