Sick Day

Ellen DeGeneres Keeps Funny Bone Despite Heart Scare


Yesterday was not a good time to be a celesbian: First Leisha Hailey gets booted from a Southwest Airlines flight and now Ellen DeGeneres was treated by EMT workers after complaining of chest pains.

A staffer for the out talk-show host called 911 shortly before noon and an emergency crew from the Burbank Fire Department was dispatched to the Warner Bros lot, where DeGeneres was having a meeting. She was allegedly treated as a precaution and was seen walking on her own later that day.

In a pre-recorded monologue that aired on today’s show DeGeneres joked that, “the paramedics were strippers that I had called,”  before saying, “First of all, I’m fine. Let me just say, I’m fine…  I don’t know what it is but it’s fine.”

DeGeneres, 53, started having chest pains Sunday night and woke up Monday morning with tightness in her chest—a feeling she compared to having two cats sitting on on her.

A lesbian making cat jokes? Ellen must be feeling better already.

Image via Tulane Public Relations