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Ellen DeGeneres robbed!

Comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ Santa Barbara home has been burglarized, according to reports.

Local TV station KEYT reports that burglars stole expensive jewelry and watches from the home of DeGeneres and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi on July 4. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office has opened an inquiry into the incident, and is currently investigating if the burglary is connected to a rash of other burglaries of celebrity homes in the Los Angeles area.

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The home of DeGeneres & de Rossi has become a high-profile location during the days of the coronavirus, as the host broadcasts her popular talk show from the house.

The news also comes at a precarious time for Ellen DeGeneres, as she has become the subject of wild rumor, innuendo and accusations of cruelty toward employees. A former bodyguard has accused DeGeneres of demeaning him, while other ex-employees have charged that DeGeneres picks on her staff for everything from having chipped nail polish to chewing gum. Others charge that they’ve seen Ellen explode into fits of anger at friends and show guests.

Ellen DeGeneres has yet to comment publicly on the burglary…or the accusations of her associates.