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Ellen Forces “Facebook VP” To Apologize To Drag Queens By Name

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.19.30 AMLast week, Facebook altered its controversial longstanding “real name” policy to be more respectful of those who wish to use the site with a name other than their birth name.

A movement of LGBT people, primarily drag queens, was mobilized by drag trailblazer Sister Roma last month, who made more than one pilgrimage to Facebook headquarters to talk about the negative effects of forcing people to use their “real name” on Facebook.

The policy was discriminatory, she argued, specifically to drag queens, transgender men and women, abuse victims, and anyone else who did not feel comfortable publishing their legal name.

Facebook eventually apologized (in private, of course), and for now, it seems that drag queens have won the battle.

Ever the diplomat, Ellen invited Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook VP Josh Blackenship onto her show yesterday to formally apologize to specific drag queens by name. The guys didn’t show up, but the apology went on as planned.

Check it out below: