Ellen, GLAAD, Every Gay Ever Pile on View Ladies

After last week’s super-duper confusing and inaccurate discussion about Prop 8 on The View— Hassleback referenced Ake Green, a priest jailed under Sweden’s hate speech law after calling homosexuality an “abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society” and Sherri was all worried her (presumably homophobic hate spewing) pastor is going to get sent to the clinker as well, The View took on the issue again today.

Turns out the daytime ignorance bothered all the gays in the village, or at least Ellen and GLAAD, who called The View ladies to explain that gay marriages will not jail your preachers and force your children to go to reeducation camps. The bit about Prop 8. forcing men to wear eyeliner on Thursdays is totally true, however.

You think we should have made a stronger case that there is a big difference between religious marriage and legal marriage?