Ellen, GLAAD, Every Gay Ever Pile on View Ladies

After last week’s super-duper confusing and inaccurate discussion about Prop 8 on The View— Hassleback referenced Ake Green, a priest jailed under Sweden’s hate speech law after calling homosexuality an “abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society” and Sherri was all worried her (presumably homophobic hate spewing) pastor is going to get sent to the clinker as well, The View took on the issue again today.

Turns out the daytime ignorance bothered all the gays in the village, or at least Ellen and GLAAD, who called The View ladies to explain that gay marriages will not jail your preachers and force your children to go to reeducation camps. The bit about Prop 8. forcing men to wear eyeliner on Thursdays is totally true, however.

You think we should have made a stronger case that there is a big difference between religious marriage and legal marriage?

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  • mark

    Elizabeth gives DOUCHE BAGS a bad name

  • Dustin

    Yeah, I emailed them Friday too. I mean they rarely ever talk about anything gay — and the one day they do they get it wrong. I was shouting at the tv last week when I saw it. Today was better but that isn’t saying much.
    So the sanctity of marriage hmmm. So Sherri has is that working, your husband cheated on you and had a child with another woman while you were still married — then she ranted about how she wanted to kill him . Now she is divorced. Should we have a vote that people who are divorced are not allowed to marry again, you know to keep the sanctity of marriage.

    Anyways I found this website jointheimpact.com. They are asking the gay community to stand together for equal rights. On Nov. 15th (this Saturday). JoinTheImpact are organizing a national day of marriage equality, pro-GLBTQI rights protests on November 15, on the steps of every city hall at 1:30 P.M. EST so 12:30 my time in Mpls.

    their website came up error just a minute ago but this link works for sure http://www.jointheimpact.com/national.pdf

    just wanted to put the word out.I see this more than just a California problem. I see this more than justProp 8 -it’s about equal rights.
    But I really feel Nov. 15th is really important — if we could get the GLBT community and our friends and family to rally together in every state what an impact that would make to those in the States.

    just wanted to share– thanks

  • mark

    you and Joy are GREAT FRIENDS and we don’t ever forget friends

  • tallskin

    Just replace the word “homosexual” with the word “christian” and you have a more realistic view of the situation in our culture

    Christianity is “abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society”

  • REBELComx

    Tallskin, i’d agree with you on that, but i personally think all religion should be looked at that way.

  • Sean

    Why would someone hire Japhy Grant??? His breath is the worst.

  • Paul

    “You think we should have made a stronger case that there is a big difference between religious marriage and legal marriage?”

    Perhaps we should just require people who appear on television to be, like, educated or something. Nah… as long as they’re pretty, right, Hassleback?

  • JJ

    Seriously — what is WRONG with the producers? the blonde one says the measure passed by 62% instead of the true 52%, they never correct the story about the Swedish priest, they still think Swedish law somehow applies to the US, and “respect” for Sherri’s belief requires complete disrespect for mine, including unfair higher taxes!!

    That show could so easily turn into an anti-gay haven of misinformation, and fortunately Whoopi’s on their with the actual facts. Those other two have got to stop forcing gays to live an anti-gay type of “Christianity”.

  • Colin

    hey Dustin it looks like Jointheimpact.com is back up

    “Let’s move as one full unit, on the same day, at the same hour, and
    let’s show the United States of America that we too are UNITED CITIZENS

    On the steps of your City Hall on November 15th at 10:30am PST /
    1:30pm EST, our community WILL take to the streets and speak out
    against Proposition 8 and all of the other pro-equality losses that we
    have faced in our lifetimes, in our parents’ lifetimes, and for many
    generations before us. WE CAN’T DO THIS ALONE! WE NEED YOUR
    HELP! We need organizers in every major city to work with us and
    get out the protest! I know you’re all tired from all of the work
    you’ve done for this great election year, but I’m asking for one more
    push! Let the country hear our voices together. Let them
    see that we are a strong, adamant, and powerful community that deserves
    equal rights, and CAN’T BE DEFEATED!”
    taken from the website

  • Monroe

    I also immediately emailed ABC and posted on their MessageBoard. I was also severely disappointed in Whoopi’s lack of knowledge on the subject and for not seeing it as the civil rights issue that it is.

  • Mauricio

    That was a weird day indeed. Made me very frustrated. Whoppi and Barbara didn’t know the terrible wording in FL’s P2, for example. Which basically says; nothing for you gays. Gay leaders and Gay organizations are not doing their job. How come these ladies don’t know the facts? Nobody has sent them anything? A nice package with a few articles, essay, notes and position (ours). I want my money back! Stop preaching to the choir and stop asking me for money and go do your job.

  • thom

    Would someone please send Sherri a f’ing dictionary and have her look up the word hypocrite and hypocrisy so that she can deliver herself to some enlightenment to where she stands on issues. The women is such a contradiction when it comes to judging gays via the bible verses her very own choices as a Christian woman.

  • Dan

    I was disappointed in Whoopi and Barbara as well — they should be more knowledgeable about the issue. And what’s all this CRAP about teaching marriage in school. Marriage isn’t taught in school! Whoopi finally says that but doesn’t say it loud enough or often enough to drown out Sherri and Hasselbeck’s voices.

  • ray

    i can’t imagine ellen and portia are looking forward to getting that gravy boat from sherry.

  • sparkle obama

    >>You think we should have made a stronger case that there is a big difference between religious marriage and legal marriage?<<

    duh, bitches.
    you all need to focus on equal rights civil unions and deal with the word “marriage” after the fact.
    i could have told you that back in 1989.
    i can speak with complete objectivity because no one wants to marry me who isn’t alcoholic and 300 pounds, and i haven’t found anyone worth giving it up to on that level, so i ain’t even in this.
    plus, all you *racist* bitches are tired and trashy.
    you give Us a bad name, assholes!
    i like men and everything, but a lot of you W.T., entitled, delusional gays can kiss my well-shaped, yellow ass!
    girls are nicer and trannies are more interesting.

  • froggyola

    I won’t watch The View anymore because of Sherri and Liz. The mentality of these two Christians without brains is too much to take. Whoopi is far too complacent and polite to these idiots and although I like Joy as a personality, she jumps all around the point and injects not-so-funny humor that distracts from the real issue. Barbara remains sensible usually but takes forever to make a point and stops in the middle of it to plug her book. I just can’t watch anymore!!!

  • froggyola

    @ray: Totally agree! Why would they want anything from anyone that is “torn” between her supposedly good friends who are gay and the Christian hate Machine? Save your money Sherri, and buy a common sense class with it instead.

  • froggyola


    GOOGLE IT!!!


    Sad, people consistently prefer watching trash like The View when The Price is Right is readily available….

  • HateEnder

    Forget the View when you can watch Kathy Lee and Hoda on NBC ducking anything important like equal rights for gays.

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