Ellen Page A Lezzy?

Fuck the Oscars, you’re not really, truly famous until gay rumors start circulating.

Michael Musto helps Ellen Page’s celebrity case along today. The Juno actress, he points out, doesn’t seem to have much of a dating history, unless you count her “relationship” with Ben Foster, which she later denied. And then there’s the whole Oscar dating situation:

Who did she go to the Oscars with? I couldn’t tell from the cropped shots of her, but it looked like she was maybe with her mother? For guys, that used to signify 100% gay, but for girls, it might just mean young and/or Canadian–or, um, gay.

And then there was the web item saying “Ellen Page is an out lesbian,” but for all I know the guy who ran that is the same douche who started the whole “Marcia Cross is coming out” campaign. Come on, people, help me out of this mess! Before I get stampeded by publicists shrieking, “This is an invasion of privacy!” (yeah, yeah, shut up, this is what I do), let’s put the dykey pieces together. Is Juno a you know? And if so, which male will they quickly match her up with? Zac Efron?

Sounds good to us!

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  • Leto

    BAD THEORY–Collin Ferrell took his mom to the Oscars. He certainly isn’t gay!

  • M Shane

    I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about Colin: he’s just too sweet looking to be entirely straight. And dad an athlete?

  • M Shane

    I’m stickin my nck out but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about Colin: he’s just too sweet to be entirely straight. And dad an athlete? He was really convincing in “Home”. He’s not even really a top!

  • M Shane

    I mean, who wouldn’t want to shag him?

  • M Shane

    The girl is too much of a twinky yet!

  • sam

    My lesbian friends insist that her lesbianism was a known fact, for what that’s worth.

  • lezmclezzie

    gosh,i hope she’s a lesbian. i’m going to hit on her and see if i can get in her pants.

  • LizzyRampage

    Ehhh, she’s young, give her time to find herself. I’m more interested in her next acting project, but her sexuality was confirmed it would be interesting trivia…

  • todd

    She’s young. Give her time to find herself before you lezzies stake your claim!

  • M Shane

    The weirdness their is that a lot (or some) of us gay men are much more sexually agressive than straight men(maybe just me?).
    Nonetheless, lesbians take after us, and in the process make het.men look like wallflowers.

  • monica

    i want to eat her pussy all day.

  • Wolfie

    Holy shit whats up with Queerty lately. She just turned 21 leave her alone and don;t be doing stories like this on her. Queerty is just becoming TRASH lately pure and simple. Its like yopu guys are being run by Prez Hilton. This story was in really bad taste. If she hasn;t come out you shouldn;t have done it at all.

    What a bunch of sleaze you have become lately.

  • cheswick

    On the Barbara Walters thing she said that for sure she wanted to get married and have kids. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean straight but thats the feeling i got.

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