Tweet Revenge

Ellen Page Bitchslaps Antigay Pastor On Twitter

Newly out actress Ellen Page will be kicking ass this summer as Kitty Pryde in X Men: Days Of Future Past, but she was definitely getting a jump start the past weekend on Twitter when contacted by a pastor who was presumably sending homophobic tweets.

While Page didn’t retweet the initial message that got her all fired up, she shared the following response via her Twitter feed:

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.23.59 PM

Be careful, pastor whoever you are.  You probably wouldn’t like Ellen when she’s angry.

As if that awesome coming out speech and the woefully underrated Whip It didn’t make us love her enough (seriously, Whip It is excellent), this tweet definitely just took it to the next level.

Something tells us there are going to be plenty of girls lined up to wrap their arms around her.