Ellen Page Has Two Choice Words For Antigay Politician Honored By The Queen: “F*%# That”

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.58.45 AMCanadian out actress Ellen Page has expressed her outrage over a recent royal honoree.

Queen Elizabeth II is 88, so it’d be understandable for her judgment to slip here and there, but then there’s also that thing (you know the one) when you’re the Queen where you have a whole staff of smart people around you to help out with all that medal-giving and knighting.

So it is perhaps baffling why the Queen decided to honor Northern Irish politician Maurice Mills, a man with a record of saying things like the spread of AIDS in Africa is the result of the “filthy practice of sodomy.” Not to be confused with the sounds of sodomy, also an Irish phenomenon.

Ellen fired off this tweet:

It’s since been retweeted over 4,300 times, and Mills issued the following response in the News Letter:

“I welcome the scrutiny of anybody.

These people are making judgment on a person when they haven’t a clue about his background or what the position is.

I’m not getting into a mix about that. My position is taken from the word of God and I’ll obviously not be moving from that, it’s as simple as that.

I said this could be a warning, just as God has done countless times through the ages.”

It’s ironic that he was recognized on the “New Year’s Honours” list. It’s 2015 — time to stop throwing around language like “AIDS is a warning from God to quit all that gay stuff,” and expect to be taken seriously by the world.

We’re with you on this one, Ellen.