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Elliot Page isn’t finished yet, slams Chris Pratt over antigay church in yet another tweet

Chris Pratt’s comments last week about belonging to Hillsong Church prompted Elliot Page to call him out on Twitter for identifying with a church that is hostile towards the LGBTQ community.

On Friday, the actor/activist took to Twitter to vent her frustrations after seeing Pratt talk about his homophobic church in an interview with Stephen Colbert.

The tweet immediately went viral, receiving over 100K likes, 20K retweets, and 5K comments, in addition to making national headlines.

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Well, it looks Page wasn’t finished yet.

On Saturday, he fired off another tweet clearly aimed at Pratt but not calling him out directly.

This one went even more viral than the first, racking up nearly 200K likes, over 30K retweets, and 4K comments.

Pratt has yet to issue a response.

Besides fierce opposition to the LGBTQ community, Hillsong Church has faced other criticisms in the past. Founder Brian Houston is currently under investigation for his role in covering up sexual crimes committed by his father, Frank Houston.

In addition to the family woes, the church has come under fire for misappropriation of funds, abusive church leadership and connections to fraudulent faith healer Michael Guglielmucci.

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