Ellen Remembers Lawrence King, Raises Questions


Funny lady Ellen DeGeneres struck a somber note this week when she discussed the unfortunate murder of Lawrence King, who was shot by an allegedly anti-gay classmate.

Says Ellen:

We must change our country and we can do it with our behavior, we can do it with the messages we send our children, we can do it with our vote. This is an election year and there’s a lot of talk about change. I think one thing we can change is hate. Check on who you’re voting for, and does that person really truly believe that we are all equal under the law? And if you’re not sure, change your vote. We deserve better. My heart goes out to everybody involved in this horrible, horrible incident.

This incident is so horrible, in fact, that two presidential candidates have released statements on the 15-year old’s death. No single gay death since Matthew Shepard has rocked America in such a powerful way.

We can’t help but wonder, then, why King’s death has captured the national imagination. Just days after King’s death, another queer teen was killed: Simmie Williams Jr. As we’ve previously reported, the trans teen was shot down while hanging out on a corner with his friends. So, why didn’t America address Simmie? Because he’s darker skinned? Because he allegedly took place in prostitution? Is King’s death more shocking because of the scholastic setting or because he’s so sweet-faced and innocent?

Why hasn’t the press talked more about Adolphus Simmons, a South Carolina man who was shot to death last month. Like Simmie, Simmons dressed as a woman at times and, yes, had high levels of melanin.
Here’s some information, which a reader sent over:

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with murder in Monday night’s shooting death of Adolphus Simmons at Bradford Apartments in North Charleston.

Simmons, 18, who dressed as a woman and was doing freelance work as a hairstylist, was shot multiple times about 8 p.m. Monday when he took out his trash, witnesses said.

Pryor has said that investigators found nothing to suggest that Simmons’ slaying was a hate crime. On Thursday, he said police were not releasing a motive for the killing.

Simmons’ mother, Felicia Moultrie, said a group of people about two weeks ago had burst into the apartment where Simmons was staying, but Simmons was not home. “They were looking for him,” she said.

So, readers, any idea why King’s death would capture the spotlight, while two other – very similar – murders go virtually unnoticed?

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