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Ellen Sells Clothes Off Model, Complete With “Hint Of Raul’s Musk”


What exactly even is Ellen these days? Yes, of course, she’s a talk show host. But apparently she’s also getting into the apparel business.

“The trend this year is see now, buy now, which means you could go to a show, and everything that you like at the show, you can buy right away,” she said. “And I thought well why aren’t we doing this with the Ellen shop?”

And with that, out comes a model named Raul who immediately sells a hat to a lady in the audience. Then he unzips his hoodie for a guy in the audience with a pink shirt who then gives it to a lady sitting next to him. (It’s a pretty lady-heavy audience.)

Then someone buys his shirt. “Still has a hint of Raul’s musk on it,” says Ellen as the woman sniffs it.

Then off come the pants, to excited screams, and he’s standing there in his underwear. Ellen looks delighted, and then offers the underwear to the audience. A lady in the back stands up to make the purchase, and he looks like he’s about to get naked — and then oh no, commercial! Oh well, Raul can be completely nude in our imaginations.