Ellen Tells Matt Bomer To Dress Down On Twitter, Gifts New Underwear For Selfies

0Matt Bomer visited Ellen this week following the major success of HBO’s The Normal Heart premiere last weekend.

He talked about his dramatic weight loss for the film and the special connection he had with his role — he says he first read the Broadway script for The Normal Heart when he was fourteen years old, and it changed his life. “It encouraged me to practice safe sex,” he said, “but also, I knew that somewhere out there, there was somebody who understood me and would stand by me.”

Bomer also marks the occasion by announcing his new interest in Twitter. To gear his fans up for the Magic Mike sequel (it’s a stripper road trip to a stripper convention, he says), Ellen gives him several pair of ridiculous underwear to try on for his new followers.

Isn’t it scary how Ellen just knows what everyone wants?