Ellen To Anti-Gay Activists: “You Don’t Need To Promote Hate.”

Newly wed lesbian funny lady Ellen DeGeneres appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday and took some time to urge voters to vote against Proposition 8, the ballot measure aiming to overturn California’s gay marriage.

Taking aim at those people raising millions to fight same-sex love, Ellen remarks:

I look at the people who are losing their homes and they’re foreclosing – and people in Texas who have lost homes… There are so many people that need money right now – and if you’re raising millions of dollars – give it to those people, please because you don’t need to promote hate.

Host Jay Leno agrees that it’s an unnecessary battle and points out that the sky in Massachusetts hasn’t fallen since they passed gay marriage. It’s so true.

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  • scott

    Yay!!! For Ellen.

    I have new respect for Jay Leno.

  • Flex

    Right-wing christians are obsessed lunatics who are part of a cult.

  • JJ

    At the same time, Ellen hasn’t financially supported the opposition to Prop 8.

    I think she must really be cheap.

    She can afford to put her money where her mouth is.

    People/groups supporting prop 8. are not going to do what Ellen says and suddenly divert their money to habitat for humanity.

    I am not watching her show anymore. I’ve ceased being a fan. Oh well, she was funny in the day.

  • michael

    if you listen to her she i right why are we buying a bill …. $ where will that $ go ??? it’s better else where. ellen i am sure has donated a lot to causes and with her income bracket has to have write offs . on the other hand… what she has done for the gay community in other ways well it is just PRICELESS !!!!!!

  • JJ

    Talk is cheap, just like Ellen DeGeneres.

  • John

    I’ve never thought of Jay Leno as a bigot. When that whole flop with Ryan Phillippe happened last year, it merely confirmed that Leno’s humor appeals to the lowest common denominator. It doesn’t make him a homophobe.

    Besides, whether they’re funny or not, comedians seem to get lots of leeway. How many times have Bill Maher told a tasteless anal sex joke? How many times have Dave Chappelle done his “effeminate white male” impersonation?

  • RS

    JJ, you’ve been saying that constantly. But you know what, between her advocacy against it on her show and now elsewhere, and her much publicized wedding that put a “safe” face on gay marriage, including her People Magazine cover, she’s done more to oppose Prop 8 than if she donated a million dollars anonymously. So shut up.

  • Jaroslaw

    RS – I agree – JJ think about it. Ellen risks losing sponsors AND audience when she talks about it on her show. It has probably cost her way more than a million dollars. Prices for commercials on a given show are based on audience market share and other demographics. Not to mention if the market share decreases so does the pay to the actors or host of that show.

  • michael

    ellen went out on the limb ( no pun intended) when she came out while doing her sitcom years ago & look what happened it got canceled now she is back stronger & more proud in a positive light being excepted by many . & JJ show us your check stubs donations . maybe she has done hers on the lowdown or in another more meaningful way … get off her humps

  • Marc

    I love Ellen, we need more Ellen’s!

    Ellen doesn’t support gay rights?
    JJ, reallllllllly???

  • Alexa

    I’m not a huge fan of Ellen the talk show host, but I love Ellen the person. JJ needs to just shut up and think before typing, as others say, she has done an immeasurable amount of good over the last ten years and I for one don’t care if she’s donated a penny.

  • marcus

    The time and words she has given are worth millions. And how do we know for sure she has not added cash? Some don’t have to say “look at me and how wonderful I am” every time they write a check. Oh and here is a wonderful video of one of the Prop. 8 commercials using the words of St. Paul in the bible. I bet the Christian Reich is boiling over about this, its time we took that book away from them and started telling the truth with it.
    Here it is!


  • scott


    She really doesn’t have to donate any money. Because her being soooooo public with being gay, marrying Portia, and having a successful talk show at the same time. She is doing so much more by being visible, out, successful and popular.

    Just think about that JJ and her doubters.

    The same with Clay on a lesser scale. Popular, and not being forced out by Perez or some tabloid. He came out on his own when he didn’t need to. That’s important. Other gay dudes were pretty much forced out.

  • greybat

    No.12- Thanks for the video link, Marcus!

  • marlene

    Ellen is a terrorist promoting dung, disease, mental illness, she needs to be put off the air, all parents who love their children must protest her sponsors she is a satanic Drone. and Extremely dangerous and she is a hateful person, undercover, she is a satanic worshipper hiding behind a smile.Evil comes in many forms, those who seek to mislead children using a powerful tool as the television are hateful evil drones, children must be protected. write her and Rachel maddow sponsors get them off the air for your children.

  • greybat

    Wow! Marlene learned a LOT hanging out underneath that lamppost by the barricade!

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