Ellen To Hillary: “You Have Solutions.”

It’s not necessarily an “endorsement,” but lesbian funny lady showed some via satellite love for Hillary Clinton yesterday.

The Democratic Presidential candidate was chatting wtih students at George Washington University when DeGeneres appeared on screen and traded some witty, glittering banter with Clinton, who previously appeared on Ellen’s show:

“Sorry to interrupt, but how’s everybody doing?” quipped the talk show host, who was beamed into the auditorium by satellite from her studio in New York, prompting loud cheers from the audience.

She and Clinton joked about whether the former first lady might be persuaded to ban glitter as president.

“What on earth would grade school children do for their special projects?” Clinton asked, then said she’d consider banning it for anyone older than 12.

“That’s what I like about you. You have solutions. You’re a problem solver!” DeGeneres said, echoing Clinton’s message of solving problems.

She then turned serious, asking Clinton how she could change the momentum in her campaign after 11 straight losses to Democratic rival Barack Obama.

“We’re going to win Ohio and Michigan,” Clinton said, then acknowledged she misspoke. “We’re going to win Ohio and Texas! I already won Michigan.”

You sure did, Clinton. Too bad it doesn’t count toward your delegates.