Ellen’s King Remembrance Political?

There’s nothing like a girl fight in the morning! While Jennifer L. Pozner appreciates Ellen DeGeneresLawrence King call to action last week, the journalist takes offense at the funny lady’s pre-message message: “I don’t want to be political, this is not political…” Writes Pozner:

I could be wrong, but hearing Ellen qualify her outrage at a gay child’s murder and her call for wide-spread cultural change in America by saying “This is not political” seemed to map to her discomfort in addressing serious and, yes, political LGBT issues on air after what happened to her career the last time she did that. A hate crime resulting in a kid being killed simply for asking a boy to be his Valentine is not political? Talking about the way the entertainment industry encourages a culture of violence against queer youth is not political? And encouraging citizens to make gay rights an election year issue is not political?

Wait, are these rhetorical questions, because, if not, we’d like to answer yes to all. Or is it no? God, this political shit’s confusing!