Elton John And David Furnish Spill It

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Newlyweds Sir Elton John and David Furnish grace the cover of British mag Attitude in a loving and sweet pose. The interview inside was done pre-wedding, but the two still have quite a bit to say about their relationship and the UK’s new civil union laws in general.

Elton even allows David equal talk time:

David: If I think back to growing up in Toronto, I left the place nearly twenty years ago and that was largely because of my sexuality. There was a sense of shame and a sense of not being accepted attached to it for me back then. I had to live a double life. Walking around Toronto now, all these years later [he’s currently shooting a film there], it stirs up so many emotions and anxieties that are just full of self-loathing for me. I remember at the time trying to come out to my family and my mother sitting at the table and bawling her eyes out and saying I’d never have a life or a future. There were no role models. There was no-one I could talk to or even point to and say, but hang on, this person’s doing this and that person’s doing that and they’re happy.

He’s right. Compared to the 00’s, there weren’t all that many gay role models in the mid-eighties. Hell, even the flamboyant gay icon Furnish is now with was married to, you guessed it, a chick.

Elton John & David Furnish [Attitude Magazine]

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