Elton John At Int’l AIDS Conference: “I Should Be Six Feet Under”

By all rights I shouldn’t be here today. I should be dead—six feet under in a wooden box. I should have contracted HIV in the 1980s and died in the 1990s, just like Freddie Mercury, just like Rock Hudson. Every day I wonder, how did I survive?”

Sir Elton John, discussing his reckless lifestyle at the height of the AIDS crisis, at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC.

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  • QJ201

    Rock was handsome and a power bottom. Freddy was notoriously into anonymous sex.

    Elton was drunk and not so attractive.

    Do the math. Who got laid more?

  • Geno

    QJ. Thank u. 4. That comment it is so so so so. True & Funny. Comments like that. ALWAYS. Make. My day. And. Elton is. Sooooo creepy & Gross!!

  • Carl

    @QJ201: Yes, because NO filthy rich ugly people get laid purely on the contents of their wallet… Let’s be honest here, in any clubbing community – gay or straight – what you look like is irrelevant once alcohol is added to the mix. I’ve seen no end of ugly buggers pull attractive people because, at the end of the day, a shag is a shag.

    Attitudes like yours are one of the worst stereotypes around – only ‘hot’ people are worth dating/shagging. How fickle are you?

    I had to google Rok Hudson, didn’t know who he was. He wasn’t what I would call attractive, but not ugly either. Very plain, certainly not ‘handome’. And clearly, Elton was sleeping around, a lot of folks in the 80’s were, especially the celebrity crowd.

  • Kevin

    I can’t believe how catty and ignorant some people can be. It doesn’t matter if you have had sex with 10, 100, 1000 or 10,000. It only takes 1 to transmit the HIV virus.

    And are you that shallow that once again you have to knock someone for their looks? Then again, they are the ones laughing all the way to the bank…

  • Bellerophon69

    It’s weird, who gets laid, who doesn’t. Who gets AIDS and who doesn’t. I was always a glory hole and bath house cruiser, mainly for ease of convenience, and I had sex with lots of guys who probably wouldn’t get laid on their looks (myself included), that might be why they were there. Of course I’ve always been a terrible “size Queen”, so unless their pants were down already I wouldn’t go to bed with anyone until I got that “aspect” figured out anyway! Yes, I know, that’s terrible, but I know what I want and I was gonna get it! I too should have had AIDS a hundred times over and I never got anything but chlymidia once and that was from a guy I was with that I knew from work. That sent me back to the spa pretty quick after I got that taken care of! My boyfriend I was with for 4 years had HIV ands we never used a condom once we started dating. I guess I had a death wish at the time for reasons unrelated to being gay and we’d go to the club every week and I’d bottom and top all night long and I got lucky I guess and never got HIV. That was ten or so years ago, I haven’t had unprotected sex since, and I’m still HIV-. Weird!

  • Codswallop

    Elton, if you hurry you still can be! Rush Limbaugh can give your eulogy.

  • Hyhybt

    @Kevin: Of course it matters. It only takes one, but it’s much more likely for there to be at least one in 10,000 than in 10.

  • DrewSF

    QJ101-Freddie Mercury was also big into IV drugs and at the time people thought sharing needles were fine. Freddie was bisexual; but that’s old news.

    Also just because Elton was a drunk and cokehead he still would pay for lots of rentboys and Elton comes across as a Mary bottom and as Hyhybt said it only takes one exposure.

  • DrewSF

    Even if Elton was a top and did it bareback, you still can get HIV this way.

  • Lifer

    To me, on a fuckability scale, Rock would be a 10, Freddy a 2, & Elton a 1. But guess what, money changes everything & they all still fucked legions of guys. And who’s to say they didn’t fuck some of the same people from time to time. So, yes Elton, agreed, you should be dead by now.

  • the other Greg

    Believe it or not, Elton in the ’70s and early ’80s didn’t look exactly like his pudgy self in 2012 (duh), and was no doubt fun in conversation & so on. Plus, yeah, he was rich and enjoyed drugs.

    @Bellerophon69: There’s a theory that one in about 50 people have an “immunity” gene against HIV, a mutation from their ancestors’ survival of the bubonic plague a thousand years ago or so. I’ve lost track if the experts ever proved this theory. But maybe you’re one of the lucky few. Anyway I hope your interesting story gave a stroke to some of our more puritanical Church Lady monogamy fanatics here!

  • Drew

    Is anyone else getting REALLY tired of Elton John’s endlessly expansive public exposure of his private life? Somehow, Annie Lennox manages to do extensive work in AIDS research and activism that does NOT feel like self-publicity, and yet Sir Elton wraps so much of his charity work around his own life that I feel distrustful of him. Anyone else’s thoughts on this one?

  • Queenfan

    @Lifer: Are you serious, are you rating Freddie at a scale of 1-10 as a 2? Different strokes, i know, but seriously?

    I rate him almost as high as Rock imo. But the strange thing about Freddie, the older he got, the better looking. Look at him at the start of queen during the 70’s, the fast forward to the 80’s. It’s almost like im looking at to different people, it’s weird.

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