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  • christopher di spirito

    I love it when uber-wealthy people like Limbaugh-loving Elton John says he will not spoil his kid financially. What exactly does that mean?

    Elton, according to Forbes, is worth $300 million, so will the little kid be forced to pay for his own college with a college loan? Forced to buy his own used car? Buy his own cocaine?

    That kid is going to be so fucked up. I hope Elton at least foots the bill for his psycho therapy.

  • dvlaries

    I’ll say it again. I just find it grotesque to realize, if he makes it, Elton will be 80 when this kid is old enough to graduate high school. That’s presuming no entanglements on the way with the criminal justice system, too.

  • paulD

    Ya know, everybody’s got something to say. We fight for our rights, then bitch and complain and make catty comments when they become possible. Their decision to adopt this child does not affect my life in the least, nor does it affect probably any of you. Why is it so difficult to be nice?

  • Andrew

    I’m more shocked at the amount of airbrushing they have give Elton he looks like a cartoon of himself.

    As for the age issue, there are many men who have children at that age. It’s nothing new.

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