Elton John: Madonna’s A “Fairground Stripper” Whose “Career Is Over”

The bitch is back: Elton John is slagging off Madonna, saying the Material Matron was a “fucking fairground stripper” whose “career is over.”

Loosing his lips to openly gay Australian music personality Molly Meldrum (who’s a bloke, actually), John bashed Madonna’s behavior:  “Why is she such a nightmare? Sorry, her career is over. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger cunt.”

Elton goes off at about the 7:24 mark in the clip above—he’s actually more charming talking about himself and fatherhood.

Sir Elton also criticized Madonna’s new album, MDNA, and the accompanying tour: “If Madonna had any common sense she would have made a record like Ray Of Light and stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But no, she had to go and prove… she looks like a fucking fairground stripper.”

Jeez, Elton, do you  kiss your babies with those lips?  (Maybe John is in a foul mood because his deal to be music director for the Olympics fell through?)

Months ago, Elton’s husband, David Furnish, lashed out on Twitter about Madg’es winning Best Original Song at the Golden Globes for “Masterpiece.” “Madonna. Best song???? Fuck off!” He late tweeted that her acceptance speech was “embarrassing in its narcissism.”

In this chat, the elder pop statesman praised the new crop of divas-in-training, including Katy Perry, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, godmother to his son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. “She’s amazing.” says John of Mother Monster. “Wherever she is in the world, she sends texts saying how is he, she comes and bathes him, she sings to him.”

Oh, is that what this is all about? Does he resent that Madge never asks about little Zachary? Be grateful, Elton—if you let her, she’ll swoop in and adopt him.

 Photos: Ed Van West, Richard Mushet

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  • Larry

    no, in about 10 years madonna will swoop in and try to fuck the boy

  • Randall Reynolds

    So harsh, but so true! Madonna deserves the criticism for acting so desperate lately.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    Yeah, Reginald? and your voice aint what it used to be, either. It aint like in the old days. Too fast a life catches up with you eventually!

  • Spire

    god when did Elton become such a nasty old lady frump? she serously looks like a bag lady here in soho. At least Madonna is still selling records, but I guess when you become as irrelevant as Elton the only thing to do to get your name out there is make bitchy, queeny comments.

  • Chris

    @John B: What a vile disgusting thing to say. I know you are obviously young, but that’s no excuse to be such a disgusting horrible human being, I feel sorry for anyone who must tolerate you in person.

  • JoeyMonster

    Madonna belongs in a nursing home. She is old, disgusting, vile, etc. Gaga is the Queen of Gays. It’s because of her that we have rights. It’s because of her there is no more bullying. Gaga is also an amazing songwriter. She is like John Lennon, but better.

  • Seaguy

    @JoeyMonster: You belong in school because your childish immature comments are not true. I like Gaga but I don’t go posting on her forums that she should be in nursing homes or that she ripped off Express Yourself. Why because that’s pathetic childish crap that I don’t have time for. Sadly you do, grow up!

    As for Elton he is just being the bitter old jealous queen he is. I don’t even care anymore.

  • Eric

    More Jealous hate spewing forth from bitter old queen Elton. He better get his brain scanned might be getting dementia or something. Whatever it is it is pathetic!

  • Ronn

    @MarryTheDay: Really?!?! Was the N-word reference really necessary. I’ve heard that the side effects of HIV meds are harsh and can cause all kinds of brain ailments including dementia. Go back to the doc and have your meds changed.

  • What the f**k

    @JoeyMonster: Stupid delusional twat!

  • Joe

    @JoeyMonster: Wow, bullying is over? That’s so awesome! Thanks Gaga!

    You need to remember that Madonna was fighting the fight while Stefani was in diapers. Not that what Gaga has done isn’t appreciated but lets try to keep some perspective here.

  • mrsbuela

    oh honey mrs buela just hate when the big cats start clawin at each other and ms elton she got some claws on her honey oh yes she do honey but she right honey oh lawds yes as much as it break ol buelas heart ms elton right about madonna and her latest new music honey oh yes honey it sucked honey and not in a good way honey.

    ol buela dont know what madonna thinkin honey the last 2 albums she release they horrible honey oh yes honey madonna used to be a innovator honey now she an imitator honey oh yes honey tryin to sound young like she selena gomez honey and it aint workin honey,

    madonna needs to git herself some dignity and stop puttin out crap music honey.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    There is nothing more pathetic than Elton John besides a Gaga stan. You just cited that Gaga had miraculously wiped bullying off the face of the Earth all the while bullying Madonna yourself. Gaga must be so proud of her tolerant intolerant monster trolls she’s assembled. Such a sad, miserable, spiteful group of jaded gays.

  • Scott Bonzitski

    >mrsbuela-member… Listen HONEY, U need to get a life of your OWN b4 cutting down others. I do not care for EITHER EJ ~nor~ Mad…but,…WHAT have u been accoladed
    for in YOUR lifetime in ordering U 2 critize others to such an extreme??? Thought so…
    move ON with your pathetic life and leave the real world to those who care…SB
    PS: LEARN to WRITE intelligently, NOT with so many HONEY’S [SIC].

  • Mister

    I don’t understand why Elton continues ranting on Madonna. The one time I heard someone ask HER about HIM… she gave a rather gracious reply back vs. a rant filled with insults and slurs. What is with him? If he’d stop being such an angry person I think I’d appreciate his music a little more. But, being so angry really turns me off.

  • Kev C

    I’ve never been a big fan of Billy Joel, er.. Eltron John. I think Madonna’s music is more enjoyable than Eltron’s histrionic pop inventions, or Lady Gaga’s frankenstein dance pop butchery.

  • Jeff Stefani

    Madonna is as good as dead. She needs to retire. Lady Gaga is our Queen now. Madonna has been left to dating terrorist boyfriends who are half her age. How pathetic. I hope Lady Gaga never gets desperate enough to flash a boob.

  • dvlaries

    When was Elton elected the cops of show business?
    All Elton proved here is how old a person can get and never learn, if you can’t say something positive about somebody you should shut the fuck up. Both entertainers worked dog hard to get the success they’ve enjoyed, both have made mistakes and missteps, but now that both of them are among the ‘old guard,’ Elton should be setting an example of dignity for younger entertainers. And this isn’t it.

  • ssd

    when was the last hit elton put on the charts? 1997 maybe? a funeral song! yes that was for charity
    tle last time was in 1991 lion king…like 21 years ago u know? that was his last real hit, madonna has had hits on 2008
    and 2012 a new top ten so…the discussion is stupid, elton is jealous and he knows that gaga willnever be as important
    as madonna the original..even with all the marketing fuzz she is generating these days..shes not as good singer as he thinks she is, and her music is just stripper club bar music

  • ssd

    @Jeff Stefani: queen of whom? gaga queen of monsters yeah perfect title

  • Jonathonz

    Elton John is just proving that when people say mean things about other people they’re just enlightening people about their own character defects.

    And I’m sorry I just can’t get into Gaga. Some of her music is pretty good but it’s not great. MDNA on the other hand is a phenomenal album IMO. Some of Madonna’s best work is on there. She’s just lettin’ loose and having a great time and it shows. People that aren’t giving her a chance because she’s supposedly old and irrelevant are forgetting that we all grow old…if we’re lucky. Why people pick on Madonna for getting older is beyond me. Nobody says that about Cher, Tina or Kylie. It’s totally ageist and isn’t far off from racism or homophobia.

    I do appreciate the work Gaga does for kids.

  • Pete N SFO

    Love Madonna. Like Gaga just fine.

    Elton… well, back in the 70’s I guess I thought he was an icon. That was a long time ago.

    He’s just waitin’ for someone to die so he can rehash that “Candle in the Wind” business again. Pompous poof, he hadn’t even been speaking to Diana for months before she passed. Who cuts off a Princess anyway? Not me, boys. Not me. :)

  • DouggSeven

    Wonder what the fued is all about? Was Madonna’s name ahead of his on a preorder on a new Maybach? Was he and Madonna in a bidding war on his new baby and he feels like he overpaid? Did they show up at an event in a similar wig?
    The mind wonders…

  • cdinsf

    This is the same Elton John that performed at RUSH LIMBAUGH’s wedding 2 years ago for $1,000,000?!!! What a whore!! It’s amazing that he would even open his mouth to criticize anyone after that!!

  • DouggSeven

    @cdinsf: Lol, thank you for reminding me that Ricky Martin performed at Bush Jr’s inaugral ball.

  • thetruth

    Madonna will have the top grossing tour of 2012 and one of the top ten grossing tours of all time according to billboard. The so called flop MDNA album is the 5th best selling album of the year worldwide. Forbes has also said that madonnas icome for the year is expected to exceed 200 million making madonna the highest earning musician in a single calendar year in forbes history. Elton WISHES he had the power to sell out stadiums and make money like Madonna does the jealously is so obvious. By thw way this will be Madonna’s fourth consecutive tour to land in the 40 highest grossing tours of all time list meaning 10% percent of that list is Madoona. YET PIG ELTON DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A SINGLE TOUR ON THE LIST THE TRUTH HURTS!

  • Triple S

    Gaga can be your queen, but I personally don’t find her very necessary to my life. She’s just after the money and publicity. She’ll get desperate; she’s already going down in popularity

  • Eddie

    I don’t like any of these stars. But I think Madona is the better. She seens to stay allways in control of things and I like it. The worst is Elton John totally out of shape, with his wig, ridiculous wardrobe, odd glasses, bad taste repertoire, bitch comments, his enemas, his scandals… He’s a mess. I can’t stand this old queen.

  • WillUK

    Elton is a media wh0re and ever since he became THE EGO that he has been for the past few decades his music has been lacking. I’m not the world’s biggest Madge fan but Elton is clearly jealous.

  • Red Meat

    I love how Elton John puts that overrated piece of trash in her place. You old queens can go back to your sex baths.

  • Cam

    I’m kind of tired of both of them… is it ok if I just sit back and let them take shits on each other while laughing?

    Elton seems like an angry bitter selfish self important twit (No Elton I still haven’t forgotten when you told gays in America that we were being stupid children fighting for marriage when a civil union was just as good….until of course YOU couldn’t adopt because you had a civil marriage, but not a “Marriage” THEN you changed your tune… ass.”

    As for Madonna, I’ve loved her previous stuff, but, I don’t know she just comes off like one of those women like Lindsay Lohan’s mother that goes out to clubs and is so desperate to be 25 it’s just kind of offputting.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    “Oh, is that what this is all about?”

    If you read/clicked your own link, Queerty, you’d read that he also said “She’s been so horrible to Gaga,” And also that she beat out Gaga (and HIM) at the Golden Globes with an award for Best Original Song for “Masterpiece,” featured in “W.E.,” which she wrote and directed.

    Queerty, you missed the apology David Furnish had to issue to Madonna for trashing her award?

    LOL calling Madonna a fairground stripper when it’s Gaga who’s been walking the streets in a bra and bikini for years including at a Mets game.

    MDNA debuted at #1 with 359,000 copies sold in the US with 185K copies bundled to her tour package. Her tour sold out in several venues within hours internationally and according to the promoter it’s on track to be one of the top tours ever. So Elton’s a little light on facts about careers being over.

    Maybe he’s bitter over his DANCE ALBUM remix just released but at least it charted #1 in the UK.

    This just shows no matter how many years you’ve been in the music business – it’s nasty and all about self promotion. No wonder radio sucks.

  • Spike

    Sir Elton speaks the truth, albeit fairground strippers will always have an audience, time for Madge to act her age and stop embarrassing herself and no arguing that her album is mediocre at best and the tour a hot mess. One can only wonder what personally embarrassing way she will come up with in response. BTW, who is the latest 20 year old that Madge is screwing?

  • dee-dee

    He’s right about her dance music. It sucks.


    Both should maybe go away with some grace…fairground stripper funny… I guess Eltons the knife thrower.

  • Cam


    Your post just proved that her Album didn’t actually sell that much. Over half of the CD’s sold were given away to people who purchased tickets to her tour.

    Why to fans of celebs always seem to feel that their multimillionaire idols are poor victims?

  • Delius

    Finally…someone with the balls to speak out about the biggest bull – Madonna!
    Madonna, aint nothing other than a corporation that exists not for art sake but for profits.
    She’s as far away from a true artist such as Kate Bush that one can get.

  • Rooney

    This tired old queen! He’s been jealous of her for ages because he doesn’t have the equipment to pop out offspring. That poor kid of his, when he’s twelve his old man will be 75, still raging about Madonna – if he doesn’t give himself a heart attack first, like Breitbart.

  • David

    @JoeyMonster: Where was Lady Gaga last week. When many of us learned through fried chicken that our families and friends don’t approve of us?

  • David

    Elton John is just blind with envy, becaus he will not, and will never be; The Queen of Pop. Madonna can do on stage what he wishes when he was twenty; he was always fat and ugly. Calling her a cunt is just like him; but she works hard. I like his music, but he just can’t keep his bitchy-bitter-queen mouth shut.

    If we are wanting to compare who is the best up and coming: I like Katy Perry. She is original, and not trying to be something she isn’t.

  • Dmitriy

    He is right. MDNA is garbage. It’s madonna trying to rehash her early bubble gum pop albums from the early-mid 80s that she was putting out. But she can’t do it, it’s obvious.
    The same for her previous album “Hard Candy” which not so surprisingly didn’t sell very well, since just like MDNA it was pretty lyrically vapid. Making albums like Ray of Light would have indeed kept her relevant and would have kept people listening. Instead we have this over the hill “sexy grandma” persona that Madonna just can’t seem to let go of.

  • PTBoat

    Elton John is a brilliant talent, but when he says things like this, all I can do is remember when he abandoned the gay community, by going back in the closet as so many celebrities did, during our biggest time of need. Other people can be famous and last for a long time too, Elton. There’s no need to bash them in order to make yourself feel better about your decades long dry spell.

  • Look in the mirror

    While I agree that she’s a c()nt and that her music and concerts suck now, at least she didn’t stoop as low as to perform and be friends with anti-gay Rush Limbaugh. Elton’s just as big of a joke as she is.

  • Look in the mirror

    It is true that her tour is a disaster – on Ticketmaster in the UK, so many people who saw the show have given it terrible reviews and rated it only 1 or 2 stars out of 5 and said it’s a waste of money because it’s so bad and said they’ll never see her again.

  • thetruth

    The question is when was the last time Elton had a top 10 single or a number one selling album you have to go all the way baxk to 1997! While Madonna achieved that this year! And for the 100th time album sales mean NOTHING anymore because nobody buys cds its alk abiut the merchandise and especially the touring which is why Madonna will 200 milliin dollars tgis year to add to her already staggering networth of 650 million. The MDNA tour had already had ADVANCE ticket sales of nearly 300 millION BEFORE the tour even kickwd off making it thw years higest grossing tour just on ADVANCE ticket sales only. The truth is after 30 years into her career she is still one of the most popular and in demand performers worldwide. Hell hwr concert grosses are DESTROYING GAGAS with Madonna doing LESS shows and also performing to more people as she’s doing stadiums. Why doesn’t the media report that? The jealousy elton feels is unbelievable. By the way can you imagine pig Elton and his gayface husband having sex? Just thinking about it makes me wanna barf

  • thetruth

    Um lookinthemirror the people on Ticketmaster who ratw the tour poorly are gagas “little monsters” who have an online bullying smear campaign going against Madonna since she made that reductive comment most of the ACTUAL critic reviews have been overwhelming positive. I can assure you NONE od those morons have actually saw the show. What’s funny is that Gaga is against bully yet all her and her minions do is bully other artists who are more successful than hwr like Adele who sells more albums than her or Queen Madonna who sells more concert tickets than her. It’s ashame the media doesnt call Uggu Gaga and pig Elton out on their BULLYING behaviour.

  • Dagrlzrd

    Sir.Elton John. Is an ass,a bloody wanker!!! I have NEVER liked him or his music. He has no imagination and since poor Bernie Taupin died,no new material.First he was straight,then bisexual,and finally gay.Now he looks like a bloated sausage with a very expensive rug on his head.I love Madonna and Lady Gaga they are both FABULOUS and BOTH support Gay Marriage,and BOTH speak out against Bullying of Gay Teens and suicide.I was there in the 1980s when Madonna became a hit.She was never as vocal or up front about Gay issues as Lady Gaga.Back then record sales and the almighty dollar ruled the game.I met Madonna in San Francisco at MAC on Pine st.It was a small gathering for the Designer Todd Oldham,and she came off as a stuck up b*#^h Todd was in contrast, friendly and down to earth. She was cold and aloof having just two or three hit singles out at the time.I love her til death BUT Lady Gaga is the BOMB!!!!! TOTALLY!!!!!!

  • Josh

    people can be so wierd…. you call these people your “queen”? Maybe it’s time you pull it together and take care of yourself for a while. I like any music that is worth listening to, whether it’s madonna, elton, or gaga. Who gives a damn?

  • tookietookie

    I always figured this about Madonna. It is nice to have it confirmed by someone in show business who knows. Madonna needs to quit wearing hot pants and showing everyone her granny business.

    Totally team Elton on this one.

  • Please

    @thetruth: = Delusional Vadge stan. The album is the worst selling album of her entire career, all the singles flopped, most shows have plenty of seats available, most people who have seen the show have given it negative reviews, she had to cancel plans to go to Australia because the tour is such a flop…how many more examples do you need?

  • thetruth

    How is the tour a flop? Bilboard already confirmed it as the hifhest grossing tour of the year and on of the highest grossing tours of all time joining her last tour the sticky and sweet tour which is currently the fourth highest grossing tour of all time. With a box office of 408 million. These are official facts not delusions of a stan I mean google it for God’s sakes! Madonna decided not to go to Australia for any number of reasons but it was never confirmed that she was going there her manager just twweted that they’re looking into it so she didn’t.cancel amything because places were never booked and tickets never went on sale. I actually think she will end up go there next year after she takes a break after the US leg. As for the album being the lowest selling album of her career well that’s.inevitable because no one buys albums anymore. Gagas BTW was also the lowest selling album of her brief career and her new album will sell even worse that’s the nature of the music business these days. As for the 2 so called flop singles the first single just made the top 10 and went gold while it went to number 1 on the dance cbarts making madonna the first artist on their fifties to score a top ten pop hit this millenium since Santana in 1999! One of the main reasons older artists don’t score pop hits is that pop radio WILL NOT play older artists so its really hard if not unheard of (just ask elton). The second single also went to number 1 on the dance charts but failed to chart on the Hot 100 because of radio refusing to play older artist’s new stuff. By the way just google MDNA 450 MILLION that’s the money the tour should make by years end you’ll. See a ton of articles popping up talking about the shows re ord breaking success. That’s like calling the Avengers movie a flop even though it’ll probably be the years highest grossing movie! If you don’t like something that’s but to falsely spread misinformation to prove your point is wrong.

  • thetruth

    By the way sorry about my spelling errors its just when people spread MISINFORMATION to prove their point becasuse they don’t like somebody it makes me so mad!

  • Dagrlzrd

    Sorry guys. Bernie’s not dead I was thinking about Freddie Mercury.We old folks get a little senile as time passes.


    This week Elton Johns new lp fell from 1 to number 10, If Madonna s career is over then where is his ? When was the last time he had a number 1 single ? Madonna is lovely about him, so its sad that he is so bitchy ,


    This says it all flop singles himself, hardly anyone buys his music anymore
    Year Single Peak chart positions Album
    [1] US US A/C
    2000 “Someday Out of the Blue (Theme from El Dorado)” — 49 5 The Road to El Dorado soundtrack
    “Friends Never Say Goodbye” — — 21
    2001 “I Want Love” 9 — 6 Songs From the West Coast
    2002 “This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore” 24 — 10
    “Original Sin” 39 — 18
    “Your Song” (with Alessandro Safina) 4 — — Single-only release
    2003 “Are You Ready for Love” [remix] 1 — — Single-only release
    “The Heart of Every Girl” — — 24 Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack
    2004 “All That I’m Allowed (I’m Thankful)” 20 — 24 Peachtree Road
    2005 “Turn the Lights Out When You Leave” 32 — —
    “Answer in the Sky” — — 7
    “Electricity” 4 — — Peachtree Road [2005 CD re-issue only]
    “Where We Both Say Goodbye” (with Catherine Britt)A — — — Single-only release
    2006 “The Bridge” — — 19 The Captain & the Kid
    “Tinderbox” — — —
    2007 “Calling It Christmas” (with Joss Stone) 123 — — Single-only release
    2010 “If It Wasn’t for Bad” (with Leon Russell) 194 — — The Union
    2012 “Sad” (with Pnau) 48 — — Good Morning To The Night

  • Allen D.

    The last Elton album I bought was “Big Picture”. But I bought “MDNA” and LOVED it (especially after a couple horrible prior Madonna albums). So, that’s my take on it.

    And Gaga is horrible and just needs to go away.


    above the 1st number is uk then the next two usa, his last single peaked at 48, the two previous 194 uk, failed to chart usa, or anywhere else in the world, and his duet with joss stone bombed only reaching 123 in the uk and charting nowhere else, he has no right to run down someone else, with record sales as bad as this

  • thetruth

    He’s a jealous bitter old fat and ugly queen don’t you people get it he’s best friends with that ultimate bully and fraud Lady Gaga you know the one who STOLE Madonnas song then went on national tv and lied about receiving an email from her saying she approved. Her delusion little monsters fanbase go out of their way to spew bile and hatred all over the internet to artists that are more popular than her like Adele and Madonna. They also resort to blatant lies to try and prove their point like saying madonnas tour is flopping when the fa ts are it’s yet another record breaker and she is destroying GaGas tour in the process all you have to do is google mdna tour boxscores vs born this way boxscores and you’ll see the official numbers and see how popular that ‘over’ artist Madonna is especially compared to that media manufactured no talent bully cokehead(she’s openly admitted to using coke some role model)GaGa.

  • Michael Preston

    It’s true that Elton is a bit bitchy.. But Madonna needs to stop acting like she’s 21.. It’s a little embarrassing to watch her sometimes; especially the whole breast flash in a recent concert. I’m going to see her when she comes to Dallas in October and I’m super thrilled. I just hope that this is her last tour. She should go out on top before something happens that tarnishes her career.. Look at Cher; NOW SHE KNOWS how to be classy act in her 60’s… She knows what she can get away with and stays within the confines of reason.. Madonna needs to follow her lead and go quietly in the night while she’s on top.

  • thetruth

    Here’s some more facts Madonna’s worldwide album sales stand at 320 million making her the Guinness Book of Records winner as the biggest sellinh female artist of all time as well as the overall 4th biggest selling artist of all time by comparison Elton has sold an impressive 250 million albums BUT he’s been around for ten years longer than Madonna. When this tour raps at years end Madonna will have generated box office of 1.5 BILLION dollars off her tours making her the highest grosding solo touring artist of all time male and female she will also have 4 tours on the 40 highest grossing tours of all time list including 2 in the top 5. Where’s Elton on the list? He’s nowhere to be found that’s right not a single tour from pig Elton on the list. So the question is who’s really over?

  • James

    Elton is jealous that Madonna long eclipsed him as far as obtaining that beyond legendary but immortal status. Madonna like MJ, Marilyn, James Dean and the Beatles are in a rare panthenon that very few stars will ever reach. People will trash her today but as soon as she’s gone the world will realize once again with a force and revolutionary figure she was in pop culture and opening peoples minds.

  • mg

    It’s always funny when Elton John opens his mouth and thinks anyone gives a shit about what he’s saying. I really enjoy Elton’s music, but I remember when his star was fading and then Princess Diana died and all of the sudden he was popular again. Anyone who’s seen Madonna in concert of on Blu Ray will tell you that she’s an amazing performer and I still can’t believe she’s in her 50’s with so much energy. Elton John sits at a piano and charges the same amount as Madonna does for concert tickets…I’ll go see Madonna, and pray that some they’ll be a pill to cure bitchiness and maybe Elton can be the first to get it.

  • shelleybear

    Talking about dead careers.
    How about the time you performed at RUSH LIMBAUGH’s wedding?
    I mean, not only sinking low but taking money from a homophobe.
    You are a sad little man, envious of those folks who actually have more talent then you do.
    Retire to Las Vegas and give your nightly performances to gamblers and cheap whores.

  • iluvcakes


    Yea your pretty childish. Lady Gaga is a great song writer? Are you serious? Her songs are about as deep as a wading pool for midgets. I can certainly see the complexity of “Cant Read My Poker face (cuz she aint got to love nobody)”. Hell Ace of Base is more complex than Gaga.. I am not saying the girl isn’t talented, but lets stop kidding ourselves into thinking she is reinventing the wheel. Fashion perhaps. Musically she is a serial copy cat (Modeled from Roisin Murphy) who relies on publicity stunts to keep her relevant.

  • Dinodogstar

    So i checked my on-line free dictionary just to be sure, and a “fairground” is:
    “An open area where an ehibition is held”, so by that definition, I suppose Sir Elton is rather spot-on…Everyone please stay calm, and remember that Madonna is not “the” Madonna, and Elton gets a little snappy now and then….if she is a “fairground stripper”, and we know gay men don’t have any qualms about hitting the amusement parks- (all the boys at Disney are fruits anyway) so Madonna is still reigning among her peoples, within her element..
    Much of the inter-celeb cat-fights are PR-fueled, and I don’t doubt this is one more, but having said that, those are two rabid bitches i hope never run into each other in a dark alley somewhere.

  • Todd

    Queen…King? Folks it’s nice these folks have contributed to the BGLT cause. But, they are not royalty, they are artists. They write and sing music. At times the very fact they have tremendous exposure has helped them with expressing their opinions on various topics. Let’s not forget that for every Lady Gaga, Madonna, or Elton John there are thousands of dedicated people who are not celebs who are making our freedoms a reality. Most are volunteers who believe equality is what’s right. So go support your local BGLT services and even volunteer if you can. Doing so would make you every bit a Queen or a King as these folks.

  • massprince

    never cared for madonna and gaga .Kylie is always a strong undercurrent performer, her music is always forceful and she does not need to be controversial to stay relevant.

  • Crixus

    Elton John is so over. He comes across as a fat slag in a pie eating contest. Give it a rest you old fart. Who cares about anything you have to say. You have done so much for the world by bringing attention to the plight of AIDs/HIV and we thank you for that. You deserve credit for that, but what have YOU done lately? Buck up chubsy!

    Madonna, for all her faults, is still out there kicking ass and taking names. She’s also speaking out against bullying, (LIke you’re doing ass hole!). She’s also selling out stadiums everywhere and getting top dollar to do so. So just shut the hell up!

  • shannon


  • Paul

    @JoeyMonster: I think Madonna is doing pretty damn good for someone who has been around for as long as she has. Gaga is queen of the gays, and like John Lennon, but better???? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Gaga’s alright, but comparing her to Lennon…or even Madonna. How the fuck old are you, 12?

  • thetruth

    Shannon as a a woman how can you condone Eltons use of CUNT that’s the worst insult thar can be hurled at a woman even worse than bitch. Its like call a gay man faggot or a black person the N word. IT IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE.

  • Eric

    @DouggSeven: Before he was out

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    “It is nice to have it confirmed by someone in show business who knows.”

    Confirmed what? He only stated she was “mean to Gaga” (based on her saying Gaga was reductive IN PUBLIC) and previously ranted that Madonna beat out Gaga and him at the Golden Globes. Exactly what “insider show biz” information did he divulge?

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    You didn’t read my actual WORDS. I said DEBUTED.

    MDNA has hit 700K but I don’t have the Soundscan for actual current numbers.

    That’s no flop in today’s climate especially without radio play. But it is true that Born This Way outsold her debut with 1 million copies and 6 million to date.

    The question isn’t if Gaga outsells Madonna, of course she does and it should be that way considering her monster popularity especially with radio. The question is why Elton is calling her career over when it obviously isn’t. And we know why. Because he’s a Gaga stan.

    She still has a fanbase and shouldn’t be the object of scorn for continuing to work it IMO. But yeah flashing boobs was ridiculous. It still doesn’t make her more of a hoar IMO than Gaga.

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    “Why to fans of celebs always seem to feel that their multimillionaire idols are poor victims?”

    BTW can you ever post back to me without a personal attack? You are the ultimate non-fan of celebs and follow just as closely as fans just for the opposite reasons.

    If you weren’t equally ~invested you wouldn’t have snarky comments to make on every pop culture post ad nauseam even constantly going back to freaking Clay Aiken 10 years ago.

  • thetruth

    Scaryrussianheathear MDNAs worldwide sales are at 1.5 million and should be at 2 million by years end which is hardly a flop. The thing that really pisses Elton off is that Madonnas tour numbers and ticket sales are way higher than his ever was not to mention his hag Gaga! He just can’t stand it! All of the little monsters will probably join in a masd suicide after Madonna’s touring numbers are released DEMOLISHING their idols I just can’t wait!

  • Jason

    Wellll, at least she doesn’t sing before a vile, disgusting, homophobic pig like Rush Limbaugh in order to put ice cream sundaes on the table.

  • Dinodogstar

    I do completely agree- I live in Saint Louis, Missouri- and though Rush is down in the “bootheel”, Ozark area, you can still hear the banjos a-stummin’ up here…

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