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Elton John ran into this artist in a restaurant and told him “Your music sucked”

Musician Charlie Puth is known for belting out songs on the piano, so it stung especially hard when he ran into Elton John and received a less-than-flattering review.

Puth recalled the encounter on The Ellen Degeneres Show this week.

“When you write a song, it’s important to tell the truth, and I wasn’t really doing that in 2019,” Puth said. “And the person who kind of awoken [sic] my senses was none other than Elton John.”

Puth met the “Rocket Man” singer at the Los Angeles restaurant Craigs. “He came up to me and said, you know, ‘how are you, hi,’ I’m like, ‘you’re Elton John,’ he’s like ‘yes I am, you know, your music sucked in 2019. It wasn’t good.’”

“It was like a gut punch,” Puth admitted, “but I had been thinking that as well. I had gone through a messy breakup, and I think that was also going alongside it. And it was kind of a wakeup call a little bit. I was in denial a little bit.”

That was just prior to the start of the pandemic, and the world going into lockdown — plus John’s critique — caused Puth to take a break from making music.

Puth’s next album, Charlie, is expected to be released later this year.