Elton John’s Clothing Considered “Homosexual Propaganda,” Asked To Wear Knee-Length Caftan In Russia

eltonjohn-6-e1353202141321A group of Russian Communists have taken offense to Sir Elton John‘s fabulous wardrobe, asking him to leave his fine sequined suit jackets and cashmere scarfs at home before playing the city of Kransnodar on July 14. Instead, they suggest the openly gay British star wear “a knee-length caftan, a fur hat and leather boots.”

A knee-length caftan? Sounds like they should have booked Honey Mahogany instead.

Mikhail Abramyan, head of the local branch of the Communists of Russia, told RIA Novosti today that Elton John’s usual getup would promote “homosexual propaganda,” a vague term used by Russian police to persecute homosexuals in a country where LGBT citizens have no rights at all. The caftan, according to Abramyan, is far “more respectable.”

“We hope he’ll wear it,” Abramyan said, even though the show’s promoters have already laughed in his face. The local mercenary plans to bring 350 people to protest in the streets if Elton John refuses their caftan.

Obviously Elton John will probably not wear a caftan to his gig, so we hope the protestors at least have enough decency to keep quiet during “Candle In the Wind.” You cannot ruin “Candle In the Wind.”