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Elton John’s take on Hollywood sexual assault allegations will infuriate a lot of people

“We live in a funny time, a disturbing time at the moment, when people are accusing people of doing this and that… it’s all happening because of Harvey Weinstein and quite rightly so.”

I don’t agree with people being accused of something and not having due process. I think that’s bad.

I think the law should, you know? People who have been accused of something shouldn’t be dropped from television series until they’re proved to be guilty. On the other hand, I can understand how women have been abused for years, since time began….

I think the great thing about women’s empowerment is the wage gap, as well – that is a big thing, and it’s happening in England a lot, people are saying, I’m only getting paid this, and he’s getting paid that.

I think women have had it bad for a long time, and they’re trying to sort it out and make it better for themselves.”Elton John, sharing his thoughts with CNN regarding the #MeToo movement and the sexual assault allegations rocking Hollywood 

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